I realize I hardly ever post playing here...


This is a demo recording of Rikki Don't Lose That Number I did last year. It was part of a promo pack for a duet I was doing early last year. It's a snippet and should have faded in and out. The guitars a little hot in the mix too.


It's my Gibson '79 KM Les Paul, I'm sure it's on the middle pickup selection, through a hand tweaked POD 2.0 setting plugged directly into a mixer and then into Cool Edit Pro on the PC.

I'll probably get laughed at, it's all sequenced (guitar and keys duo) and the singing isn't the greatest. But, it's something I have recorded and just thought I'd post it, since Steely Dan solo's always have great licks and great touch.


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Sounded great Mike ..
That should "reel" ya in some gigs for sure ...

Nobodies going to laugh at sequenced tracks here ..
Most folk record themselves playing with backing tracks

Plus, when I do duets & solos I usually always gig with backing tracks too ...

Good job ... & good to hear you in this section ...


sounds great Mike.

Hey - most of the players I know have played to sequenced at one time or another, no shame in that it's all music and we all got to earn a crust.

Like Joseph says most post here on BT's, no difference..............

Did you do the vocals too?

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