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I really hate the color of a gold top


Ya know... if I was offered a sunburst Les Paul Standard or a Goldtop with P90s I would have to have a think about it. The Goldtop is the less obvious choice, but there is something cool about a nice one. Especially if it has a stopbar tailpiece right behind the bridge pickup (none of the faff of a trapeze or separate bridge and tailpiece). Just the right mix of posh and workmanlike appointments for me. I also can't think of players totally synonymous with goldtop P90 Les Pauls (the dude out of Sunn 0)))?) whereas the Standard is quite typecast now.

Saying that, not all goldtops are created equally. The '50s finish is an amalgamation of pigments, particles, layers of finish etc. They wear organically and inconsistently and seem a little chemically unstable. Gibson were trying to make a 4K dazzling gold finish and they only really got some of the way there I guess.

Where I share OP's ire is with boring poly goldtop finishes that are either a washed out bronze colour or a custard yellow, and totally flat and uniform in appearance. a good goldtop accentuates the top carve of a Les Paul whereas a bad one seems to make the guitars look flat and a little bloated if anything.

50 Watts

To each their own. Everyone has their aesthetic and I can't argue with that. There are plenty of finishes / flames / etc etc. that people love and I don't. I personally really like the combination of the gold top with cream plastics and a natural mahogany back. That said, I'm not too into a gold strat and I really don't like gold hardware (more because it ends up half silver over time). Some colors / finishes just look right on certain guitars. I love a good LP gold top for the aesthetic and the nostalgia. I wouldn't kick a burst out of bed either.


The pale looking ones aren't all that great but the deep gold ones like this just ooze class:

When the new ones came out last year I saw one and would have bought it but it weighed a ton(bad back) It was stunning . Now my gal does not care for them or the cream color on Stats and Tele's, and I like them .


I don't give a rip about the nostalgia factor, and I used to think they were unappealing.
BUT, now in my adult years, there are few things more sexy to me than a gold top with mahogany sides/back.
It doesn't hafta be a Gibby, any well done PRS, Eastman, Gretsch, etc. will do it for me.

Carry on.

Hired Goon

Gold Les Paul yes, gold Strat no, gold hardware depends on the guitar

Gold car, hell no. I can maybe handle gold rims on a black sports car.


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When I see a goldtop LP I think about the big and juicy neck it (hopefully) has. Love the look, love the guitars. I don't own a goldtop LP presently but it would be my first choice of finishes if/when I get another LP.


I guess you naysayers don't like the classic Floyd, Another Brick Part II. Yep, P-90 soap bar Gold Top. Not a strat, as many assume.

Tommy Biggs

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Amazing how few responses in this rather long thread actually give a logical answer. If people in general liked gold tops about the same as any other finish, then it WOULD simply be about people liking different colors and finishes.
But why is this particular finish so popular? That's the question most of you are missing, or don't care to answer. I am curious myself, but after 7 pages the only serious answers I saw was "nostalgia" or "favorite band played one".

I'm thinking I'll avoid asking these kinds of questions here in the future. I know there's a lot of guitar history knowledge on this forum, but for some reason only smart ass responses.
IMO not liking something is fine, posting that it's ugly is bad form. You gotta know that if they are popular there will be lot's of people who's baby you just called ugly. I can certainly understand that statement drawing a backlash that would be more FU than a rational discussion.

My .02 is that there's a favored guitar look for everyone, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think they are fine looking guitars, some are spectacular. Reacting to other peoples outsized love for a particular guitar with a private 'ewwww' is fine, but why rain on someone else’s enjoyment?

I have noticed many people in this world seem to feel a need to convince others that their personal opinion is the right one. I’ve never really seen the point in that.


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I guess you naysayers don't like the classic Floyd, Another Brick Part II. Yep, P-90 soap bar Gold Top. Not a strat, as many assume.
I like Floyd as much as anyone but the fact that a gold top was used on the record is completely irrelevant. It could have been any color Les Paul.

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