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I soldered my first pickup today.


Lollar Special T bridge into an '06 Hwy1

..new solder gun
..new solder
..and a soldering crash course off the internet

it worked out well
pretty clean job
im proud
....i put everything back together, new strings, adjusted the intonation and BAM!!!!!!!


..and another guy doing a Tele.

He suggested to measure where you had your saddles because they have to be moved in order to take the bridge plate off (great idea)

So when i put it all back together, i knew (generally) where to adjust the saddles. From there I just fined tuned the intonation.

Parts were like $15 from RadioShack. Well worth it.
I really didn't want my luthier to do something like this and get charged $30.
...and it would sit there for 3-4 days too. F that.

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