I still like Gibson guitars


and Martin, too. Growing up, these were the two premier brands that I looked forward to owning. I bought my first Gibson in 1979, a 1963 SG JR. It took me twenty years more to get my first Martin, a 000C-15E. College expenses and building up a contracting business took up most of my disposable income. Not being a working musician, I couldn't justify an expensive guitar. Nowadays, I am trying to limit my ‘stable’ to one nice electric and one nice acoustic, plus an inexpensive Epiphone for the basement den/TV room (I get nervous going up and down the stairs with the nice stuff!). My nice electric is a Thorn JR 90, my acoustic an OM28. My point is, I'd have no problem owning a modern Gibson. Sure there's been some QC problems. It's a volatile market and a lot of makers are struggling to find their niche. What I don't understand is the ‘love to hate’ wolf pack mentality at TGP. Gibson and Martin seem to be dirty words around here!


I still haven't found acoustics that do what I want as well as my Martin's. My 00-28VS is the best finger style guitar I've found and continually astounds me every time I play it. I also just bought a new 60th anniversary R0 V1 which is the best Les Paul I've ever played. There are so many options for everything now, but there is definitely something to playing a classic, it feels like home.


Growing up, it was Gibson, Fender, and Martin.
I still prefer these brands, after all the others that I tried over my 63 years.

While I do have a PRS semi-solid 594 single cut, which is a beautiful guitar, I just cannot bond with how it feels being played. It will eventually go, but I gave PRS an honest try with various other models they make, and they cannot stand up to the Gibsons I chose.

Bully, shcmully! I don't listen too, or go by any of that crap. No matter how I feel, I have to play what I like, what appeals to me, and nothing else comes into that equation when it's my money being spent.

I know it bothers some players here, and I respect your stand, but I still have to be true to myself when all is said and done.

And as with everything else...ymmv ;)

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I like my Gibson’s too. My first “real” guitar was a 73 SG that I got in the 80s. I still have it. I have several others as well.

There are numerous things I don’t care for regarding Gibson as a company and guitar maker, but if I only bought products, guitars or otherwise,from companies that I agreed with 100%, I’d have absolutely no buying options.


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Why do folks feel they need to verify they like a companies product? Fender and Gibson are HUGE, so why explain that one "still likes them"? No matter what is said on TGP, it's not like it has anything to do with one's personal likes or choices. Seems there is no need to explain anything.

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I do too. But I tend to eschew outrage culture and bandwagon hopping.

I suppose in a sense I'm on the Fender and Gibson bandwagon. But having owned a lot of different types of guitars, those are the ones that I gravitate to when I want to play one, so those are the ones I own. I don't worry too much about what other people think of my purchasing decisions.


Some people don’t like them, some people like them.

Your pack of wolves works both ways. People can’t understand why others would like them, people can’t understand why others would not like them. No one ever realizes that the other view is fine. Different, but fine.

It’s life. People think and feel differently.

Unfortunately we see this kind of thinking in all aspects of life and it’s going to screw us up as a society.
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I've always loved Gibsons, despite it being blindingly obvious they aren't (and never have been) the best at fine details. The designs are great, they're a bit rough around the edges, they are what they are. As far as the politics goes, they're a large multinational corporation behaving like a large multinational corporation, so I'm not going to get too excited about it either way.

TGP may have a continent of loudmouths incapable of having a sensible conversation about anything, but there are so many more interesting, articulate people on here - I just try to tune out the white noise and enjoy hanging out with everyone else.
Gibson and Martin seem to be dirty words around here!
I've owned many gibsons (still own my LP) and still own my martin. I love both of those guitars. However, a new instrument from either of these brands demands a high price for dated designs. General manufacturing rule of thumb is as your produce more you are able to find ways to bring down the price. While a new Gibson LP costs $2.5K, I find there are superior guitars being offered for $2k.

As far as Gibson quality goes, I think most of it stems from Gibsons being sold by guitar center. Gibson's are not supposed to be good out of the box like a Fender. They are supposed to be customized to the player. You have to file the saddles and the nut how you like it, but most people can't do this. If shops with a real tech (sorry GC techs) sold Gibsons, I think their perceived quality would be higher.

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