I surrender, my amp doesn't need any od pedals


I have the wonderful Zendrive2 and the equally cool Fuzzy Lady fuzz.

I also have the Fender SuperSonic 60 amp with cascading gains like a
Boogie Mk1.
It has always sounded great and I often take just the amp, no pedalboard.

But I like my pedalboard, I like playing with pedals,, and I have to say if I'm
truly honest with myself that these two great pedals don't really add to the
fundamental tone of the amp.

In the last two weeks I've had five different people tell me to get rid of the

pedals, not needed.

Last night at a rehersal I really heard what they were talking about. I dialed
the amp in just right and the thing just had this bad ass Texas Flood tone,
no matter how I dialed in the pedals they just seemed to take something away
from the fundamental amp tone. The Zen added so much
unwanted noise and the amp sounded better than the pedal hiss,
that pedal can be dialed in to get the sound I'm getting already from the amp,
very close, so close I am now asking is it worth it to add noise for minimal enhancement, if any?

The Fuzz has a more fuzz sound and can stand out on it's own. But how needed is it?
My wah just screams with the amp only, and the wah+Zen could be overkill
and noise is really magnified.
The amp is pretty quiet in the cascading gain stages, hard to beat that
in fact seems impossible with my pedals.

I've had five people tell to put the od and fuzz aside in the last two weeks,
the last one being my son.

Why is this so hard for me, letting go of my pedals, but I surrender.

It has to be about the final tone outcome.

Any thoughts?


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I find overdrive/distortion pedals convenient in certain circumstances, but for pure sound quality, I prefer a dialed-in amp. That's not always possible or feasible in a given set of circumstances.


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Pedals always feel like you're wearing a rubber to me. They are a necessary evil if you are after a specific effect or texture, but it seems like you always have to give away something to get something else.


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