I think I caught bass fever


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For the past nearly 30 years or so, I have played guitar and other similar melody stringed instruments (mandolin, banjo, ukulele, etc.). In that time I have owned a few basses—an Alembic Epic 4 that I foolishly sold and a Cort Curbow 6 that I got in a trade and then traded away—but never really took to seriously playing them. Recently, though, I picked up a Warwick Corvette 4 and a GK bass amp combo off Craigslist and have really been getting into it. Thanks to the vast array of information available these days, I have been able to start tackling many of my favorite bass lines.

In doing this, I have realized how much I listened to bass in songs without really thinking about it. I also realized how much I tend to gravitate toward songs with powerful bass parts, again without really knowing it. Finally, I "realized"/confirmed that my timing kind of sucks.

Anyway, I'm glad I stumbled onto this when I did. I have no real aspirations to be a regular gigging bassist (or a regular gigging anything, for that matter), but it is a blast to dial it up and move some air. I finally feel like I "get" what bass is about.


I realized my timing stinks when I picked up a bass and sat behind a drum kit. Yikes. But playing the bass is pure fun IMHO. (Drums aren't bad either but sooo sooo loud; my poor ears...)

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Welcome to the club. Meetings are the first Friday of the month. New guy brings the beer.

Playing with a good drummer for awhile will hone your timing issues. Or a metronome.


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I'm in the same boat. Just started playing after resisting for a long time. Also finding my timing is improving as I play. Enjoy!


I enjoy playing both. I spent almost 10 years playing bass 99% of the time and the last 5 were almost exclusively fretless.

It's nice to have the dual band options. I also think playing bass can improve guitar playing.


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Yeah I enjoy playing bass too and I'm not as gear obsessed with bass as I am with guitar, for some reason. I have a real simple bass rig... P Bass, Dyna Comp, Acoustic B30. And rockin.


Playing bass is a lot of fun, especially nailing the pocket with a good drummer... Very addicting...
It is not my principle instrument by a long shot, but I practice five string bass about every day... Much more than my other instruments...
Fun covering for bass players on occasion too...

Bass is as easy as any other instrument to make a lot of racket with. Not as easy as it looks to play well...just like any other instrument...
You get out of it what you put in it... I've found over my almost 60 years, a lot of school of music, a lot of playing for a living, good bit of teaching instrumental, no instrument is easier nor more difficult than any other...except maybe a Kazoo or Pa Darlings's moonshine jug...anybody can rock those two racket makers....

It's all about the fun of making music anyway....isn't it? :)

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