I think I figured my digital desires out....


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Have been in the midst of a turbulent love hate relationship with modelers for the past 5 years. I have owned 11R, HD500, Tech 21 Blonde.....all great pieces of gear, but none doing everything I need. I have gone back and forth between modelers and amps countless times. I love the consistency, portability, and streamlined setup of modelers, but I miss the vibe and feel of tube amps. I love the feel, sound, and aesthetic of analog gear, but miss the wide spread of a frfr setup, and hate the mess of cables and weight of gear that amps require.

I've decided how I can get the best of both worlds. I think, finally, I will take the plunge on the Axe2. I love the wide variety of fx and amps it offers. My dream setup would be:

Axe2/MFC101--->2 QsC k8s


Axe2/MFC101--->Mesa 2:90 power amp & Two Rock 1x12(maybe add a second cab down the line)

I plan on housing the Axe and a power conditioner in a 3U rack bag, and the Mesa 2:90 in a 2U rack bag, with the ability to stack them on top of each other if necessary. I saw this exact setup on YouTube recently, and it just clicked for me. I already have 2 K8s, Two Rock cab, and the necessary rack bags. I also have a MatrixGT800 that I can use until I get the 2:90. The first step will be getting the Axe.

Depending on the situation I could use either setup.....or both. I also have decided to keep an entire backup rig in the car at all times. The backup will be an HD500X and a Quilter Tone Block. This would allow me to mix and match if some part of the rig goes down unexpectedly. These are my rumblings for the day. Thanks for listening!!!


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good choice brother!

I use my Axe II with an old SS Randall Power amp into a Marshall 2X12 or at home into my Rockit 5's and just cannot believe the sounds possible from the Axe unit..! :)

Good luck on your endeavor sir! :)


My Expierience has been basically identical to yours Charley. My first was an RP 500, messed with it off and on for a year, never bonded with the direct sounds, and used it as an effect pedal in front of my tube amps, of which I've been thru several high end, and booteek s the last 5 years. Got a fill in gig with a band that goes 100% direct with just stage monitors oe IEM' s so I got a used HD 500 for this project. Hours of tweeking that thing, and never was as satisfied with FOH sound as I was with a T21 Blonde with my small analog board, into a K10, out to FOH.

Enter the KPA. I've been offered a permanent slot with this band, so ill be going direct all the time, so I've committed to this set-up. KPA rack, Furman Power, in the rack, wireless, 6+2 Snake, going stereo to FOH, monitor out to K10, IEM. Was going to use my HD 500 for midi controller, but ordered FCB1010, and a uno4Kemper chip, with glow in the dark labels. I can't believe the quality of sound the KPA puts out, and the amp like feel while playing. I've had it a week, and I'm in the " overwhelmed" stage, but I have about 10 days to get 4or 5 useable sounds for stage use. I've got my HRD 4X10, my Boogie MV Combo, and my HD500 up for sale now. I'm going to profile my Tone King Metro, then put that up. I've got a couple of Dr. Z's and cabinets, ill probably keep, but who knows.

The KPA has been a game changer for me, I just hope it will satisfy live, on the job, and I really don't have any reason to think it won't perform flawlessly.

Ill keep the T21 in my case for emergency s.

Good luck with your new rig Charley.

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