I think I just ended (at least for now!) my constant gearswapping/tone chasing


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And the thing that sucks is that the answer (for me) was vintage JBL D120f speakers.

I've spent more time searching for different tones than I can even quantify, as well $$$. My ultimate goal has been that LZ 'How The West Was Won' tone, but recently I've re-discovered The Allman Bros. at Fillmore too. Dickey's tone on the One Way Out solo just floors me every time I hear it.

I've been running an old Tokai Love Rock with (I think) a Brandonwound PAF in the bridge and an SD Whole Lotta Humbucker in the neck, 50's wiring, push-pull to throw it out of phase (which is cool, but I rarely use it), into a Fargen Mighty Plex with a couple of different 2x12's (one open, one closed).

Awhile back I picked up an unmolested, still working D120f, and had it in the open back cab with a Scumback H75PVC. The tone was good, but just not great.

I picked up a second D120f here on the boards and installed it today. It's re-coned, but it still sounds the way it should. Plugged in, cranked it, and WOW! That's the tone.

Clear, fat, full...everything.

I had even put my Fargen up for trade thinking it wouldn't get me where I wanted to be, but now I know that's not true. (Still would like to try a 100 watt Marshall, but for now, I'm happy.)

And they (the JBL's) aren't just clean speakers--they definitely overdrive as well. Just an amazing sound--if you ever get the chance to try them, you'll know what I mean. Now if I can only find 2 more to fill a 4x12...

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