I think I just found my ‘always on’ pedal……..

The ClinchFX EP-Pre!

For a couple of years now I have had the Xotic EP Booster on my board and only recently read some threads on TGP that if you wanted the Echoplex preamp tone the ClinchFX EP-Pre was the one to own. I also watched the videos on YouTube and saw Pete Thorn used one and if it’s good enough for Pete surely it’s good enough for a hack like me. Curious I decided to pull the trigger on the pedal and would you believe it found my ‘always on’ pedal.

What it does is hard to describe but essentially it has formed the foundation to my tone that everything else is now built on. It is different to the EP Booster pedal, I found the EP was genuinely more a boost pedal with a little more treble and that is how I used it. Whereas the EP-Pre doesn’t boost as much more rounds off my tone, again it’s hard to articulate but it’s one of those pedals that you can be playing for a couple of hours and then turn the pedal off and go “what just happened to my tone”.

Turn if off and you miss it leave it on and it’s great.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with ClinchFX just a fan of great sounding pedals.


Funny.... was just thinking of posting the question; how does the ClinchFX compare with the EP Booster?
I use my EP Booster in front of all my amp switching and pedal boards. Basically it's an extension of my guitar. I power mine with 18 volts and leave the volume control at zero for no gain. It's always on and seems to open up my sound. If it's off for some reason, I miss it.
So, you are saying the ClinchFX pedal does this better?
Would be great if you could do an A/B clip of the two...... realize that's asking a lot but just saying...
Thanks for the timely post. Maybe a few more folks that have gone down the same path will chime in.

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