I WAS going to sell my KLON - but then I....

Discussion in 'Effects, Pedals, Strings & Things' started by James Knox, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. James Knox

    James Knox Member

    Mar 4, 2005
    Phoenix, AZ
    ...changed the "Batting Order" on my pedalboard insterad. WOW! I couldn't stop playing for hours.

    What prompted this was purchasing one of Seans Mini Buffer's for $75, thinking I could sell the KLON for big $$$ and SAVE SOME MONEY and some SPACE on my pedalboard :) The Lovepedal Mini Buffer is a very nice and warm sounding buffer but the KLON (as a buffer) kept note clarity and definition and a "playing interaction feel" that is hard to describe.

    You see, I had always used the Klon AFTER the OD's and ONLY to boost the signal when needed BUT MOSTLY for the "most excellent" buffer in the "off" position. After some extensive searching and reading about other's experience with the KLON, I found out that there are many guys who place the Klon FIRST to take advantage of the "impedance changing" buffer.

    I have gone through too many OD's to even think about in the past year (Landgraff, Eternity, LTD, Honey Bee, Java Boost, FD2, Keeley modded pedals, Fuzzes of all sorts, etc), some played nice with the Klon and some did not, but I had always tried them BEFORE the KLON.

    I have two boards, one with just a few pedals (all true bypass) which a buffer is not needed (I use short cables from PB to amp and from PB to guitar), but my bigest problem has been with my BIG pedalboard - you know, the one the size of an oriental rug :) on a large stage with long cable runs.

    This is what I just discovered: placing the KLON <first> in my pedal chain brought out the very best of what my guitar PU's had to offer and sent the very best possible guitar signal "down the line" to my "true bypass" pedals. Yes, placing the KLON FIRST has given me the VERY CLOSEST tone to just plugging the guitar straight into the amp. I hope to get even closer with the Evidence Audio cables I have on order. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the tone and feel I am getting now and am seriously considering a "game over" scenario with my pedalboard (friends who know me are thinking, "Yea, RIGHT")

    Another KLON discovery: rather than just letting the KLON take up real estate for a clean boost and buffer, I use it to fatten out lead tone by overdriving the BD2 - an old trick I have used for quite awhile, previously using the Keeley Javaboost into the BD2 (learned from the Keeley website). After a couple of years of keeping the KLON set at Gain-0, Treble-9, Output-10 and AFTER the OD's, I am getting THE Best Pedal tone ever with the KLON set at Gain-930, Treble-2 and Output-10 and BEFORE the OD's. With the pedal compliment of the KLON, Honey Bee, Keeley modded BD2 and Keeley Compressor (in that order but in different combinations) I can get anything from beautiful clean, compressed Strat tones to lightly overdriven Dumblesque smooth to Fat Crunch to huge screaming lead tone that cuts through ANY band SPL.

    Anyway, here is my "tone chain": Fender Deluxe Strat (alder/RW) with Kinnman AVN 62's>KLON>MojoVibe>EMMA Discombobulator>ZVex Seek Wah with Cusack TT Mod>BJF Honey Bee>Keeley Modded BD2>Foxrocks Octron>Keeley Compressor>Looper with an Arion SCH1>HBE Psilocybe>DLS Echotap>SIB Mr Echo>EB Volume Pedal (Goodrich on the way)>Strobostomp>Clark Tyger. George L cable all around (for now).

    I hope this info is helpful to any other KLON owners on the fence about selling your KLON - just rethink the "order" and "settings" from a different perspective.


  2. FastGoKart

    FastGoKart Member

    Jul 20, 2005
    Awesome write up! I want a KLON! For now I am using AC booster, SHO, Time Machine, and BB.

    I often will put a boost the beginning and end of the pedal chain as they just do different things.

    Rock on
  3. phoenix 7

    phoenix 7 Silver Supporting Member

    Jun 6, 2005
    Really interesting post. I'm about to order a Klon for that great boost and buffer. Been thinking a lot about where to put it in the chain. This is helpful - thanks.
  4. el34power

    el34power Member

    Sep 7, 2004
    few! I don't have a Klon, don't want to try a Klon ( yes but no :) )
    But one thing i know is that sell and klon can't go in one sentence:p
  5. telebuck

    telebuck Member

    Mar 18, 2005
    NW Ohio
    Thanks for the great input Bluzbreaker... I've been mostly using the KLON to boost the cleans and as an "off" buffer at the end of the chain. And you are right that it doesnt play very well with overdriven tones coming from the pedals. I usally switch it off. Now I cant wait to get home and try it out under other scenarios.

    I wonder if it has to be 1st in the chain? Ive got a couple other pedals that like to go near the front (germ fuzz, wah)... would it work equally well as a boost just before the 1st OD pedal? I'm guessing not.
  6. AshlandBump

    AshlandBump Silver Supporting Member

    Nov 10, 2004
    The country I come from is called the Midwest.
    I always ran my Klon in front of other overdrives and it does a great job in pushing other ODs into another dimension. I ended up selling it anyway to raise funds for other purchases and use the Burriss Boostier instead. The Burriss does a good job too but, to me, nothing is exactly like a Klon. I'll have to get another one someday.
  7. Pedro58

    Pedro58 Member

    Dec 9, 2003
    North Texas
    I sold mine, too, but I don't regret it. I have a VHT Valvulator at the front of my signal chain for a buffer, it also powers everything. For OD, I use a Sparkle Drive. I was able to get the SD to do exactly what the Klon did for me. I A/B'ed them to be sure and then said "good-bye" to that mustard-yellow-perfect-sounding-but-space-hogging pedal. That said, I'll probably get another one someday!:rolleyes:
  8. deeval

    deeval Supporting Member

    Mar 20, 2003
    I too Have had a Klon In all Postions,except never tried the Missionary Postion,HeHe!
    Anyway I have A Valveulator and an RC booster that to me works better then the Klon,But thats just me,Sold the Klon awhile ago and never looked back.:BEER
  9. playon

    playon Supporting Member

    Mar 6, 2005
    Washington State
    To the tune of "Almost Cut My Hair" by David Crosby:

    Almost sold my Klon
    It happened just the other day
    It's gettin kinda old
    Maxon is good, that's no lie
    But I didn't and I wonder why
    I feel like letting that gold box fly
    It hurts when GAS has taken hold

    (apologies to Crosby Stills & Nash)

    DANOCASTER Supporting Member

    Jul 4, 2003
    Nashville, TN
    I, too, use the KLON at the front of the pedal board. I DO hit it w/ a fuzz ( which NEEDS to be first ). I think it stacks fine w/ other pedals too. I like the Buffer when the KLON is ON - however , when its OFF - the buffer is still engaged and does something sorta weird in the upper mids.

    Thanks why I had Paul C make mine TRUE BYPASS !!! :AOK

    Now , when its ON - I get the benefit of its buffer but when its OFF , the pedal is OUT of the signal chain :D
  11. jkr

    jkr Supporting Member

    Oct 10, 2002
    I made the terrible mistake of selling a Klon years ago because I didn't understand quite how to maximize what it does best. I've since purchased another one. Without a doubt, the Klon kicks the front of pedals and amps like nothing I've tried (and I've been in the geargame for 31 years!). I've owned all your legendary pedals and boutique counterparts. When all is said and done, the Klon still hits the front of things like nothing else can. I use the Klon first in my chain (unless I have a germanium fuzz..which always goes first). The Klon really makes my Varidrive sound like a Jmp/JCM 800 front end to my plexis. Yes, Klons aren't as flattering towards the end of a signal chain. I find I like a more neutral boost for that. I think there is a very definite reason why guys like Joe Perry, Warren Haynes, Brad Whitford, etc... tend to keep this pedal on their board. I wish it took up less real estate on my board, but until you use the Klon to push an amp or dirt pedal into overdrive/distortion in a band context (or at least jamming along with music) , it's hard to understand just how special this pedal is.
  12. vivalamigra

    vivalamigra Member

    Jul 31, 2004
    San Diego, CA
    I've had my Klon since 2002 or so. When I first got it, it was my only pedal. Then I got a Keeley DS-1 and now I have a couple of other ODs. I had done some experimenting with placement and the Klon has always ended up in front of the other OD pedals.

    I recently cut a new piece of wood to accomodate all of my pedals and I put the Klon at the end of the chain. Seems like a lot of folks like it there, so I gave it a shot. The result??? Well darn it, it's another compromise. At the end of the chain you can get as much boost as the Klon is capable of, which is a ton. I guess some pedals limit the signal that passes through them.

    However, now I've lost that magical quality that the Klon adds when it was driving other OD pedals. I haven't tried a million pedals, so I can only vouch for my rig. I read in another post somewhere that the Klon did not work well in front of a Fulldrive. It would be nice to have a couple of Klons and two each of a bunch of other pedals (Noah's Ark full of pedals!!) to get a true A/B test. It's a real pain rearranging pedals.

    I use the Klon in an "always on" application. I call it my tone enhancer. I read a HC post where a guy called it his "Eleven" pedal. I thought that was funny and accurate too. I guess if you tend to need a ton of switchable clean boost, then the Klon would be best at the end of the chain. It would be sweet to have two of them but yeah they take up a lot of room, and I'm out of Gear funds these days.

    I'll probably be rearranging my board tonight.

    Todays rig: 79 strat or Carvin DC135, both with bridge humbuckers > RMC3 > TU2 > MI Audio Blues Pro > Keeley DS-1 > Digitech Bad Monkey > Klon > Allen V-18 or Old Flame.

    Klon will go back in between the Tu2 and OD's tonight.
  13. StompBoxBlues

    StompBoxBlues Member

    Sep 20, 2005
    under the stars
    That's also a good recommendation for staying with a certain pedal order at least for a while.

    For a time I was rearranging the order constantly. I see this now as a mistake (it's cool to rearrange, but one ought to try some logical, thought out orders...then settle on one after anywhere from an afternooon to a few days I think) because I never got "settled" in to a given order.

    Now I made a homemade pedal board, and have kept the same order for a few months. You may have waited maybe too long to try a new placement for your Klon, but look at the results! Once you are familiar with one certain pedal order....you can MUCH easier try to shift one or two things and really have a great sense as to whether it is an improvement, or both improve some thigns but lose others, etc. and can rationally make the decisions on which order.

    AND...liks you do now, you KNOW it is an improvement. I hate uncertainty more than not optimial tone.

    I'm finally settling enough that if I now change the order I will notice what is improved, what is worse (if anything), and what is about the same.

    That again is where I don't get when guys buy like 5 pedals in one go.
    I think I'd prefer getting them slowly over time, just so I could spend the time to get to know the pedal (and you have to reaquiant yourself with the pedal often in a new position) and how it fit in in the overall pedalboard.

  14. gkelm

    gkelm Supporting Member

    Feb 4, 2004
    DFW, TX
    Got me wheels turning, you rascal. :)

    I've had my Klon at the end, set for overdrive...and get good tones with the OCD before it, really fattens up the mids. I think I tried it up front when I first got it, but may have to experient again. Can certainly change the chemistry...e.g. (and OT) I had my Timmy always before & goosing other ODs, but after as a gainy boost, wow! Helps bring back clarity & bass fullness.

  15. nashvillesteve

    nashvillesteve Member

    Nov 22, 2005
    Nashville, TN
    I have just shipped away my Hotcake, but will try to replace it with a Bluesberry or maybe the Double Hotcake. I'm not saying that it's the same sound (haven't played a Klon), but they are both well-liked for clean boosting and the buffer. I am planning on using it probably in front of at least the Hellbaby (the Hellbilly's germanium->silicon circuit may or may not play nice playing 2nd to the Hotcake) as a slight dirt boost to overdrive the Hellbaby and maybe Hellbilly. This will be great cascaded into the front end of the amp- "gainy boost" someone put it... not too gainy, just enough so.. A buffer at the end is cool, but I already have buffered outputs on my switching system to my amps (also will be handy to adjust volumes/level from pedalboard), supposed to be a pretty high-quality buffer that doesn't change the sound at all, just the impedance for the final cable run to the amp(s).

    Now, I just need a Deluxe Moon Phaser, three 10 foot cables, about $120 of Gepco cable/George L's connectors from StompinGround.com to run everything all hooked up at once and then a Strobostomp, discumbobulator, HR-2, a couple Loooper.com and WOBO boxes for routing/switching options within the pedal chains... did anybody see the new Electro-Harmonix 2880? Four loops, stereo inputs, stereo outputs, each loop has a Level control and a stereo pan control, separate control footswitch... It's $718 and the footswitch is $190, I'm sure the street price will be about $700-750 for the pair... guess I'd better start saving, I've already figured out that it would be a no-brainer "drop in" addition to my rig and I already have the extra (serendiptously) Electro-Harmonix pedal gig bag to accommodate them. Just don't have the money! Oh, well... The H.O.G. looks cool, too, but the P.O.G. isn't going anywhere... the H.O.G. can add the 5th harmonies along with the octaves, but doesn't have the detuned octaves essential for the organ effect... still, I'd love to hear it and play with it... the other modes interest me... it's also about $700, if I remember correctly... The 2880 and Loop Station RC-20 together would be killer! Especially since I can make each Loop dedicated to a sound at least the for the time being of a tune...
  16. Matts Tone

    Matts Tone Member

    Nov 10, 2005
    United Kingdom
    BluzBrakers comments are dead on!!!

    For the last 3-4 months I've had another overdrive or compressor in front of it & the Klon had sounded good but not amazing!!!! BUT now it's the first pedal in my pedal chain & it has come alive like I remembered. It brings alot of tone to other pedals & just makes your whole chain shine to me :D !!

    I have said this before BUT I still think if I had to have one pedal the Klon would be it it, a big thumbs up from me :AOK
  17. JackButler

    JackButler Supporting Member

    Feb 7, 2006
    NW Ohio
    What a great thread everyone...kudos! I just got a Klon last night, so I am playing around with it.
  18. webb

    webb Member

    Jul 28, 2005
    Las Vegas
    Great thread indeed. I've been using the klon last in line with a pedal board I take to jam sessions. I plan on trying it out up front tonight.
  19. Grant Ferstat

    Grant Ferstat Some guy in obscure bands in a far away place... Silver Supporting Member

    Jan 8, 2006
    Perth, at the end of the Earth...
    I'm ordering one, always wanted one-taking the plunge.
  20. lcjc800

    lcjc800 Member

    Nov 13, 2005
    in a van, down by the river
    As I stated previously, in another thread, I run my Centaur in the first loop of my multi looper so that I can use it on or off, and hide it from pedals that don't like the low Imp. signal (like Fuzzes). So I agree with all that has been stated. It's good to find a useful tool in money already spent!!!!!

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