I will never have another NGD


Yeah everything went up a little. But it was all a very, very good value for a very long time.

Makes me feel less guilty for buying a guitar every 6 months 5 years ago...


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American Pro would be the comparable model now, retails for $2100 CAD. American specials are the old American performers.
And $1499 USD. So still not a huge jump. Again, can't blame Fender for the exchange rate.


trouble is you need to keep producing new food, because you can only eat it one time and then it's gone.

I know it can be said for a lot of things really, my post was more about how there are so many guitars out there already that you don't really have to buy new guitars in order for there to still be used guitars for you to buy. They aren't single use items or consumables or things that get "used up" - I mean electric guitars from the 1950s are still workable, aren't they? and there isn't really any reason why a great number of the thousands upon thousands of guitars made in the 1990s or 2000s won't still be workable 7 decades later, either. they might need some luthier work in order to get them working to their best potential, but then again so do some '59 bursts.

I know they won't ALL survive. Especially not with the likes of Phoebe Bridgers around :rotflmaoBut there are just so many. At one point, Fender were even talking about buying up vintage instruments, servicing them, proving their authenticity and re-selling them through authorized dealers for a premium - yeah, that was even going to be a thing - a guitar manufacturer buying back its old guitars to sell them again... Or was that an april fools joke? I can't even remember.

It is an interesting phenomenon that doubtless says many things about our culture. My dad played guitar for a living when I was growing up, and he rarely owned more than one guitar at a time. His version of GAS was trading his guitar in for a new one. Most of my favorite players also seemed to mainly play one guitar. These days, even players who’s main guitar is the one they’ve played for decades seem to have at least a small collection. I played full time in the late 60s and 70s and rarely had more than my main guitar and one backup. I wasn’t paying a lot of attention but I first noticed the hoarding in the late 90s.


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These threads are kinda funny in a weird sort of way.
$1200 for a well made guitar is pretty good I think. What do you really get for $1200 these days? Not much.
PRS and Gibson have options that cost more than that.
I was talking to a dealer a while back and he said he has several customers that spend over 150K a year on guitars and related ****.
There are people out there who spend 10K on a guitar and it's not a drop in the bucket for them. There are more of those people than you may think.
One of my clients ordered two very high end custom guitars that I'd never done before. Custom one off pickups, hardware, necks.....totally bespoke.
In his words, "don't worry about it, if it's a couple grand more to do them right Im not gonna quibble about it." Seriously.....
Then there are guys that wanna chisel you down $50 on shipping....lol.
Everything is going up in price, complaining about it just makes it worse. The only option is to make more money.
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My last NGD was n 2018 when Long and McQuade was clearing out 2016 Studio models. $950, now they are pushing $2000 here in Canada


I need somewhere to play to justify a NGD or UGD. I already have one electric at home here. The last thing I need is another one taking up space!


I'am the same, I will never have another NGD unless it is replacement of any of the 5 electrics I have just now.


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Well, having bought one in January, and one this month.
I will NOT have a NGD in March.

That's as much as I'm gonna commit to.


Fender MIM for $1199.00. NFW. That is way too much. Prices are getting absurd. I can remember not so long ago MIMs could be purchased for $499.00 and they were solid guitars. Incredible value. The bang for the buck has left the building. The MIMs are priced where the US guitars were approximately 8 years ago. I'm so sad I'll never buy another new fender but I am thankful I have a bunch that I adore.
Hold on now, you can’t act like ALL Fender MIMs are $1199; plenty are below that. I do see what you’re saying though—the commensurate MIM I bought 10 years ago for around $500 or so is about $750 nowadays. I consider this more of an observation from my perspective. Most things have gone up in price over the past 10+ years. We can’t expect guitars to be frozen in price while the rest of the world raises prices on things. Fender, and others, would be out of business.

I’m sure people from the 1920s could buy an entire bushel of raisins for a nickel. :stir


It isn't just Fender, really. Anything made "not in China" is around a grand and up now. I think it is way too expensive, but when I started playing in the mid 90's USA fenders were under a grand and my BRAND NEW Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus was 1500.

And Honda Accords used to be cheaper than Civics sell for today. Does that mean Accords are too expensive?

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