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I Wish


Silver Supporting Member
Cool rendition .... reminds me I'll be playing this song later in the evening(Just got back from setting up for a gig that starts at 10:00 tonight)
Think I've played I Wish in more different keys then any other song ..

Also really like your voice on the second song Over Now ... great singing !!



Thanks. I have fun with that one.

Another tgp'er sent me a PM a couple of weeks ago asking what version we went off of. I thought that was flattering, since I worked this one up my self straight from the Stevie Wonder version. I figured I'd post a recent one (this is from the same 12/22 gig as the Bus/Jesus post).

I'd like to hear yours, I'm sure it would put me to shame...

Thanks for the vocal plug, too. That one is almost 15 years old now (whew!), from my original band when I was in grad school in Boston. I don't sing much lead anymore.

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