Ibanez AR420; any experience?

I like the design and sound of these things, although I'm not sure about the bling but I guess, all else being equal, I could live with it. So please don't post about the early Japanese examples being better...
Anyone have one-or the 220? I have serious gas for either but am drawn to the Super 58 equipped 420 below. Thanks.



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I had one of the reissues from a few years ago, with the standard stop tailpiece. Was a really good guitar, voiced a bit on the bright side though (probably because of the maple neck). It always struck me as either a fully optimized SG or the dual cutaway Les Paul Gibson should have made but never did. I always regretted not buying an original, as I'd personally prefer a nitro finish and no top veneer over the maple cap.


I played one and enjoyed running it through all the switching combos. No doubt a quality instrument. I had a boner for Artists since the 70's. A few years ago, I went with an '82 vintage Artist 3xx, as it was old and heavy wood. 58's are the shyte for me, as long as they go aboot 7.2K.

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