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Ibanez Custom Agent question?


I have a pre-serial custom agent (black with cup headstock) and I simply LOVE it. The action, the pickups, the neck is just SMOOTH. Not a bad buy for $300 around '90. And best of all - it doesn't weigh a ton around your neck like a real Les Paul.

I have a question: Mine came without the back plate electronic covers. Is this something that be replaced with a Les Paul replacement?
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Probably not -- but you can *easily* get them done by a good tech.
What's really tough to replace on a Custom Agent is the pickguard, which lots of folks took off (it's a bit ornate) and lost. And the most common break is that little curlicue on the top (the headstock is a take-off of the Gibson F5 Mandolin, I think). It's usually snapped and then reglued (about 3 broken ones to every one unbroken headstock). At least one guy decided to completely reshape his, to the horror of the ibanez collector forums (and HIS horror, once he realized how far the value of his guitar depreciated).

For those of you who haven't seen a Custom Agent (most do NOT come with that slight tummy cut):

If you've got the original pickups, sound quality should be outstanding. And yes, that's real MOP inlay in the body, not a tailpiece -- and the fretboard inlays are very cool.


I've also seen these branded Axiom, Electa (NOT Electra) and even saw one in my local store with no brand at all for $100 (WHY didn't I buy it as soon as I saw it????)

Very cool instruments!

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