Ibanez George Benson Adjustments

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    Mar 25, 2010
    Setting up a GB10se brand new just pulled out of the box. Have a couple of questions -

    1) out of the box, the strings arent centered on the fretboard - the high E was literally hovering over the fret bevel, while there was way more space between fret edge and low E. I nudged the bridge just a bit and it settled back into place, improving that situation. however, the spacing seems still off center, ratified by the fact that the strings dont pass directly over the magnet screws on the pickups. is it ok for me to loosen the strings and jockey the bridge over a little more?

    2) the gold screw protruding out from under the pickguard, with the square 'bump' at the end - is it just there to stabilize underneath the pickguard? it was loose out of the box, so i tightened it.

    3) the tailpiece has 2 screws over the 'trapeze' - are those there just to connect the pieces together, or do they serve as some sort of adjustment?
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    Apr 3, 2007
    1. Loosen the strings and adjust the bridge.
    2. The gold screw adjusts the treble pickup height...slightly.
    3. The GB tailpiece adjusts the tension of the three strings that are seated in the bail.

    If any of the above adjustments do not work as described, have a tech take a look at it.
    Enjoy your GB!
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