Ibanez SR506 for a good 6 string?



I had one. Incredibly nice bass, can't be beat for the money, esp used.

Cons- a bit neck heavy.

Matt L

I'm looking at these myself. I'm a guitarist who has dabbled in bass recently. A friend gave me her old late-80s Ibanez SR800 that she converted to fretless, because she plays upright jazz bass. I've always loved the sound of fretless bass, so this was great. I've been playing 2-3 songs on bass w/ my cover band now, and I'm getting hooked.

I went to GC the other day, and I picked up the SR506 they had, and started messing around with it. I couldn't get over how fun it was and how nicely it played. I had just been playing a great $1600 Music Man Stingray, too, and I was just as happy with the Ibanez. I had an Ibanez RGA8 8-string recently, so I'm a little used to that size neck. I find it comfortable, actually. The whole thing feels a little like a bass version of my Gibson SG, being a little neck-heavy with a thin, light body. Definitely getting one soon.

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