Ibanez SZ and SZR series question


I've been looking into the Ibanez SZ and SZR line of guitars, but since local stores in Edmonton suck, I can't find any to try out in person.

I'm interested in one for playing classic rock, blues, blues-rock and garage-rock, but all the demos I've seen and heard have been playing metal. I'm wondering how versatile it sounds with stock pups for the genres I play.


I had an SZ720 with a set of Bareknuckle Crawlers. Great guitar, easy to play, the neck is muck more like a flat back strat than the wizard necks. The gibraltar bridge is very good too. Finish work is solid. All in all a real good guitar. I liked the SZ scale at 25". Wish I'd never sold it.

The only bad, and this is subjective, the pickups and electronics weren't that great. When I changed pickups I change all the pots and caps too.
The SZ series has been discontinued, but you might find one still in stock somewhere. The SZ were all built in Korea, and very good guitars. I have an SZ720 and an SZ2020--both are 25" scale. I like the size and feel of the necks on the SZ models, my favorite of any guitar, and something they managed to get right. it's a shame Ibanez failed to offer a high end version of the SZ720, it would have been killer.

The SZR models are made in China, and all are 24.75" scale. I have to admit, the vine inlay on the SZR720 is nice, as is the fret work; both are apparently the equivalent of custom shop work, at least by Chinese standards.

If I wanted a new affordable Ibanez model, it would be the new AR50 with black paint and gold hardware, but alas, is not available in the USA.
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I really like SZ series (have SZ520), but SZR is just a step in wrong direction.
Everything what was so great about SZ: body shape, neck joint, built quality is gone :dunno


I had an SZ320 in gold top, gibralter bridge 2 hum's set neck 25" scale and like the other guys here have said wish i kept it. I loved the thick chunky neck with the volute (sp?) near the nut to rest your thumb on. two volumes and one tone 3 way switch with middle position giving you the outer coils of the two humbuckers for a very usable single coil tone. The harware was all good, the switch was rock solid but i would change pickups, the neck pickup was too muddy and lack definition but the bridge was fine for me, not much tone control so i'd change the pot too to get more range but other than that a great rock guitar (i dont do metal) with nice sustain and nice warm cleans. I know they now make the SZR520 with stronger neodinium magnet pickups, no idea what their like but according to the UK website for ibanez the rest of the spec is the same. IT's a solid guitar that plays real nice, just buy one from a store with a good return policy in case you don't like it (but you will) now its time for me to try and find one too :)


Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm going to see if I can find a used SZ somewhere, sounds like it's a great guitar. If not, I'll go for the newer SZR. :)

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