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Sold Ibanez TS10 MIJ - CLEAN!! Lots of photos



Ibanez TS-10. Made in JAPAN,with the Vintage JRC4558 op amp.

First number of its JRC4558 date code is a 6, which makes this a highly collectible 1st year TS10 - made in 1986.

One of the cleanest ones I've ever seen, for a 30 year old pedal. SUPER warm tones. I prefer this pedal to any 808 I've ever played, including the 2 vintage ones I owned.

Only selling to help fund an amp, as I'm currently ampless, otherwise I'd keep it as I've held onto it for years as other screamers were all sent packing. No Velcro! Back sticker intact. Pots are nice and clean, no scratchiness.

Ships USPS Priority w/Delivery Confirmation and Insurance. Will be packed solid! CONUS only please.

$165 shipped and PP'd

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