Ibanez UE-303b users


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Just got this pedal. It rounds out my collection of the Ibanez UE models, love em

Anybody got tips for good settings on the Auto-Filter? Even with the Sens. on high I have trouble getting it to trigger with Single coils, where as my Q-Tron+ was pretty easy right off the bat.


Hey, I have been using mine in a hybrid guitar/bass pedalboard rig for some time now. What I would say for the auto filter is run it after a good buffer (or buffered pedal) and set the filter to bandpass, drive to up, and range to high, sens to 1 o'clock, and peak to noon. I usually bump sens to 2-3 o'clock for my Strat. If you use an overdrive kick it in with a percussive delay for some death ray pulses.

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