I'd Like to Finally Finish My Board. Wanna help?


I'm tired of not having what I want on my board. Why? I have the money, why do I keep playing games and get exactly what I want?

Tone wise, I like anything that sounds neat, but love Hendrix, Gilmour, and Duane and Dickey's sound. Page. Yes, Page. Andy Summers. Nice tone. Love all the old clean funk jams ala Curtis Mayfield to P-Funk. About as heavy as I go is Sabbath or Maiden. Iommi mastered metal the first time out IMHO.

Amp wise, I've got a Crate V50 right now, and I really like it. I like the EL cleans better than the 6V6.

This is what I've got so far...

Analogman Bi Comp
Analogman Clone Clone - may sell. Not a huge fan of analog chorus
Digitech Harmonizer
MXR 10 band - EQ
Big Muff Amer

This is what I'm thinking about adding.

Dirt OD

I'm not a fan of the TS type OD's so that rules out a lot right there. Haven't tried the Barber stuff. Should. I'm hard headed. And cheap. :crazy
So I guess I'm looking for more of a Marshall type sound?

I really like the sound of the Liquid Sunshine. I missed out on the special by like three days. "Oh, that's what I've been looking for". Too bad. Full price.

I also am intrigued by the Wampler stuff. The Plexidrive, Plextortion, Pinnacle.


Metal Muff, I guess. Double Muff? The G2D Morpheus sounds interesting. Um..what else? Anything I missed? More of a Mesa sound here I guess?


I'm going with a Retroman Sybil. Why doesn't this get more love? Silicon/Germanium in one box! Cascading! Separate! Sounds good.

So it would be the Sybil the Big Muff and maybe a Tonebender down the road.

I'll wrap it up here, because I'd hate to read all of this **** too. Haha. Any help in the dirt area (I'll come back later to for the mod!) would be greatly appreciated.

Merry Christmas!




Retrosonic Chorus


Retrosonic Phase


I like my delay's clean with no chorus. How about the Danelectro Reel Echo? How's that? Ibanez DE-7? Something digital? I don't like the Boss delays or verbs. Havent' had a go with the Line 6 stuff. Thoughts?

I guess that's it really.

I've already got the vibe planned. Retroman Ubervibe.


Hardwire dl8 is a pretty cool digital delay. As far as analog, The DMB lunar echo looks awesome and is probably the next pedal I'll buy. For dirt, you will get hundreds of different answers, I like Earthquaker Devices stuff and own the white light. It suits my needs well, but I would just start checking out interweb vids.


Dirt= Catalinbraed DLS, Fulltone OCD, Wampler Plextortion

Chorus= Retrosonic Chorus

Phaser= MXR Script 74 Phase 90, Whirlwind Orange Box

Fuzz= Lumpy's Tone Shop Tone Bender MKII, Skreddy Pig Mine (Muff variant), Roger Mayer Axis Fuzz (both Si and Ge mixed together, FF variant)

Delay= Skreddy Echo, Booss DD3 (Many pros use it and it gets the job done at a relatively cheap price)

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