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Does anyone already make a pedal like this, or do you think it would be a useful idea?

I find that when I play in my covers band, using pedals into a clean amp, I struggle to get the ideal volume level for certain parts of certain songs - the overdriven or clean tone that works well for one song is either not loud enough or too loud for the next song, especially when coupled with changing pickups/coil tapping. I don't want to be adjusting the level of the overdrives all the time. I currently use a zvex sd 2-in-1 to slightly boost the level for some parts, but wouldn't it be cool to have one wide pedal (like one of the really wide Road Rage loopers) with, say 8-10 stomp switches where you could set a min and max volume boost for the switches at either end and then each of the remaining switches from left to right would give an increase in volume between the two extremes with LEDs to give a visual readout? I find it quite hard to get to grips with volume pedals - it's hard to nudge the volume up a bit with a quick step on it, and the guitar's volume control doesn't seem to work so well when using pedals for overdrive - ideally the volume control would be after the pedals rather than before. With this idea you could quickly nudge the volume up or down and know exactly where you are.

What does everyone think?

Cpt. Picard

This was the reason I bought a visual sound volume pedal, one of the old boxy-style ones.
I thought it would be perfect for always making sure I knew (via the led strip) where I was, but I honestly just stopped looking, and do everything by ear pretty much.

If I'm stuck in a situation where I really want my volume knob where it's at, but the OD is a little too quiet/loud when I jump on it, I ignore it and hope my soundguy is still awake enough to take care of me.

Annoying, but less so than checking out an led strip while trying to nail a solo...

Shiny McShine

I talked to Pfeiffer and 4 is unity gain. There's a trim pot inside where you can adjust where unity is. I'd want it on 5 probably.

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