IEM - M6 Pro - do I just have huge ear canals? Comply Tips?


Actually, I must.

In the past, I bought Etymotics, and the one that "fits most" was way to small for the flanges to actually seal. I bought the larger size and they were better, but neither of them sealed like some Champion Shooter's plugs or 3M plugs did.

The Champions were far more comfortable.

I just got some M6 Pros and I think these will work fine (for what I can afford).

It came with I think 6 pairs of tips and a pair of Comply tips.

The default ones seemed to fit well, but did not really "seal" like a Triple Flange (which is what the Champions are). I tried the others - the bigger triple flange didn't seal, the bigger double flange didn't seal, and neither of them seem to be as good at isolating as the biggest no flange ones.

I tried the Comply ones and they're talking about squeezing it and letting it expand into your ear - well guess what - they just went right in without even squeezing them!

I'm wondering what size Comply ones come with the set. I read somewhere "Large" so that'll suck if I can't find bigger ones.

Should I be getting a "seal" on the non-flanged one? - like it creates a vacuum inside your ear canal so you have to kind of twist it out as opposed to just pulling it straight out against the vacuum (which is what happens with the Triple Flange Champions I have).

Are there bigger Comply tips (which advertise the most isolation and comfort, which is what I'd prefer)?

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