If all of your buying and selling of guitars has taught you one thing, what is it?

1 That “this one sounds slightly different from the other” is not a asset…but rather an annoyance. You need to dial your amp…to get the same result you always get..and even you can’t tell the difference from a recording.

2 you don’t need all the foodgroups…it’s counter productive…you only need the ones that tickle you

3 what i own is great…if there something better on the planet…it’s not gonna make me happier or sound better.

That said..the journey was necessary to learn what works for me…and to learn when it’s good enough.
-Embrace the difference between Fender and Gibson- they both do great things in their own way.
-Don't be tempted with any new ODs. Just don't.
-If the guitar isn't right, just spend the money on a new nut and set up. Get it over with.
-Even with an endorsement, Mesas are going to drive me crazy turning knobs and suck the fun out of it
-The Peavey amp I had as a kid 30 some years ago would probably do great at any gig after dialing in
-Anything with settings, apps, dials or anything remotely complicated isn't going to work out long term for me. It is what it is.
-Look at the most common back-lined amps and played guitars because there is a reason for it
-The most raved about gear is raved about and probably designed for music styles that has very little to do with what I do
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The one thing I've learned by buying used guitars...there are deals out there BUT you gotta strike while the iron is hot. Have some mad money ready to go. I've bought guitars that were listed that very hour. I always try to negotiate. Most folks will compromise somewhat if they know you are serious. Cash talks and if you have the money in hand, strike while you can because there are plenty of fellas just like me that are going to grab it if you hesitate.

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