If anyone's been waiting for a sale on the Plugin Alliance SSL 9000J, its $25 today (usually $350)


None of the SSL coupon codes in the OP are working for me.
Did you already use the monthly $25 discount code for a different purchase? The 9000J is at $50 right now as its general sale price. The $25 voucher I posted was just the generic monthly discount voucher and I think it expired today, hence why I posted it yesterday. If you go to the PA website, there's an option where you can take a survey and they send you a $25 voucher. If you don't want to do that, you could wait a few hours and check the AudioProductionDeals subreddit where the new discount codes get posted as soon as they come out. The $50 sale price is supposed to last until the 1st, so they might send out the next $25 voucher code before then, or they might just have a general discount code for $25 off in AudioProductionDeals, but if I were you I'd just take the survey because that's the only sure way to get it for 25 right now.

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