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If I already have a phaser...

would it be redundant to get a uni-vibe pedal? i was looking into the danelectro chicken salad and voodoo labs micro vibe. can i achieve uni-vibe like sounds with my ehx small stone nano?


Phaser is to Univibe
Chorus is to flanger.

They are really really close. If however you must have a particular sound, it's no substitutes really.

In the big picture they all swirl (modulate) the sound in some way which is nice for adding a spaciousness, or bigness or excitement to a passage. They each work with distortion a little bit differently.
The first step is to identify each sound on record, and then decide which one is "better" to your ears.


If you're aiming to replicate a particular Univibe tone, i.e. "Breathe" or "Machine Gun," then nothing substitutes for an actual Univibe. But if you want the flexibility to cover more ground, style or tone-wise, then a phaser can cover all the typical phaser stuff, still get close to some signature Univibe sounds, like on "Breathe," but will not really duplicate stuff like "Machine Gun."


so what sounds would a phaser be able to emulate? univibe and leslie sounds out of a small stone?
Depends on the phaser I guess. For "breathe" like tones, my Retrosonic phaser can get real close - however, my Mojovibe nails it.

I'm not sure about the Leslie sounds - my DD20 can get close, but a "Leslie" pedal is much better - I'm using the Option 5 DR single.


I don't think that it is redundant to have a phaser and a univibe. Check out eric d clips on You Tube (I think his pseudo is diablo76 over there, if it isn't type landgraff in search and you should be able to find his clîps) he has one that illustrates the difference between the two types of effect well.

I initially had a EVH phase 90 and picked up a Mojo Vibe for copping those Hendrix, Pink Floyd sounds. I actually like the sound of the univibe better i.e. the way the signal regenerates and the lumpier less smooth character as compared to a Phaser so I ended up selling my Phaser and keeping the Univibe.


I find phase and vibe to be quite different.
Phase has a smooth LFO and generally calls less attention to itself. You can use it more often, and in more situations than vibe.
Vibe is a more specific, complex sound that can really define a part, therefore limiting the number of situations you would want to use it. The LFO has a lopsided "throb" that has a pronounced EQ curve/frequency cancellation happening over the course of the sweep. LFO aside, the overall modulation sound (to my ears) is 60% phaser, 20% chorus, 20% flange with a helping of pitch vibrato on top of the whole thing.

I have a Micro Vibe that I am very happy with. It nicely complements my PH-350 and Phase 90.


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There was a whole thread about it a while ago....

Mod Setting
Tone at Noon
Level at 3oclock
Feedback off
Time at 5ms
Rate at 90
Depth at 100
That's a good starting point. You can fine tune it for a bit more "leslie"-ness by messing with the rate and time (ms) settings. I also add a very small amount of feedback 8:30-9:00 which seems to add the illusion of a second speaker rotating at a different rate. Its as good as I've heard from any chorus based leslie sim.
I have a Dano Chicken Salad Vibrato pedal and the EHX Small Stone and they don't sound very similar at all. How good they are at achieving certain Pink Floyd sounds I have never bothered to find out.

My Chicken Salad sounds pretty cool, a little unclear and cloudy - no crystal clean vibrato. It eats batteries so fast a new one might not last a gig. But it's cheap and many like it. why not buy and try/c


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Retro-sonic's website has a pretty close cover of "Breathe" played through their phaser.

I've thought of this same question. I like the chorus/flanger analogy
i thought about picking up a chicken salad...i mean, it's $30, i guess if i dont like it i can take advantage of guitar center's 30 day guarantee. my biggest pet peeve is its casing.

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