If I could hate Gibson, I would

Discussion in 'Guitars in General' started by fjrabon, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. fjrabon

    fjrabon Member

    Dec 20, 2010
    I’ve only ever ordered one Gibson sight unseen. It was during the CME Memphis blow out. It was just too good of a deal not to. The price was so low if it didn’t work out, I could have immediately flipped it for a profit. $4000 guitar for $1600.

    Otherwise, yeah, I’d never buy a Gibson sight unseen. Or a fender. Honestly, in my experience fender varies as much or more than Gibson.

    I think about the only companies I trust enough to pay full price on a sight unseen purchase would be Collings and PRS.
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  2. wetordry

    wetordry Member

    Mar 8, 2015
    virginia mountains
    I can agree with those. Knaggs might be one I would add.
    But since 75 or so the only guitar I've ordered was a wine red Gibson doubleneck...and it WAS perfect....different era. 1795$ new, if that dates it.
    I just don't buy guitars without playing them, and I doubt that's gonna change.
    Although for others...that is the business model F and G have to cater to.
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  3. epauley

    epauley Member

    Apr 18, 2010
    Athens, Ohio USA
    I mainly hear Fender tones in my head but also love Gibsons. My stock 2003 SG American Standard is a great guitar plain and simple.
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  4. Miroslav L

    Miroslav L Member

    Jan 19, 2018
    Southern NY
    "But a good one is really a magical thing."

    Well...you can say that about most guitar brands/models. ;)

    I think the reason there are so many Gibson "hate" threads...is that over the years, the guitars became more than just guitars...they became an "image", and when the image didn't live up to the big name and hype, people turned on it.

    Of course most of that started when Gibson itself stopped simply making guitars...and instead started marketing the image and the hype.
    I can recall way back when there weren't a million guitars brands or a major Asian clone market...and some people played Gibson, others played from any of the remaining several brands available...but back then, there wasn't any of the Gibson hate stuff, because for the most part they were just guitars.
    As more and more famous players were seen with a Gibson, the hype grew, and the marketing focused on the image, which is what also allowed Gibson to raise prices to nosebleed levels...which only fueled any Gibson hate even more so if/when the guitars fell short on quality while prices kept rising.

    When the Internet blew open for everyone, then the image thing kicked in 10-fold...and of course, so did the hate.
    In the end, if Gibson, and many players who use them, treated them more just like the guitars that they are, minus the image and hype...I think there would probably be fewer haters too.
    Because at the end of the day...90% of the guitar sound is really about the pickups, period...which is why there are so many other brands these days that can sound just like any Gibson, and no one would notice if they couldn't see what guitar you were playing.

    I never "hated" Gibson guitars...I lusted after SGs for along time, and with LPs " a good one is really a magical thing." ...but honestly, I saw the image/hype thing kicking in quite a few years back, and it was a conscious decision NOT to follow the crowd, because I didn't want to feel like I was getting a Gibson just because everyone else was. So I went down a different path...but not because of Gibson "hate".
    That said...I still think they are significantly overpriced for what they are...but that's a market thing, which of course is mostly driven by the image thing...but for people that want them and don't care about the price...
    ...it's all good. Enjoy your Gibson. :)
  5. Whiplash17

    Whiplash17 Member

    Mar 5, 2016
    Only guitar I’ve ever liked better than my Gibsons is a Heritage; which I might argue is just as “Gibson” as a Gibson :)
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  6. pickdropper

    pickdropper Supporting Member

    Aug 21, 2011
    I agree with a lot of this. Hype often tends to be polarizing. It gets some folks really into the product and annoys/alienates others, particularly if there is mysticism involved (generally followed by a significant price hike). I get why it puts some people off.

    Whether it's guitars, amps, or pedals, none of it is mystical or magical. It's a sum of parts and assembly techniques and people dig them or not. Personally, I find it be more than simply the pickups, although they certainly have a significant part to play.

    As far as I'm concerned, any gear choice is a preference for a particular tool and nothing more. Whatever works best for a player is the right solution, no matter what that is.
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  7. Flyin' Brian

    Flyin' Brian Member

    Jul 29, 2005
    I don't think I could ever invest so much (or any) emotional energy on an inanimate object.
  8. RayBarbeeMusic

    RayBarbeeMusic Member

    Sep 10, 2012
    They are not! Corvettes are expensive, are chevies expensive? I have a decent number of fantastic gibson lps, sgs, and 335 I got for well under 1k new.. What's missing vs my r8/9,? Bling mostly. If you can live without the bling, you can get great gibsons for well under the price of a usa fender.
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  9. AprioriMark

    AprioriMark Supporting Member

    Jan 8, 2011
    You're doing it wrong then! Our fiddle guy navigates the drunks quite well.

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  10. lns

    lns Member

    Oct 7, 2017
    I always use nut sauce & pencil graphite but out of my 3 Gibsons 2 have tuning issues; the D & G strings in particular bind the nut. I think the reason the Custom doesnt have this problem to the same extent is that some care was taken to cut the nut slots to accomodate for the string pull
  11. fjrabon

    fjrabon Member

    Dec 20, 2010
    There was plenty of Gibson hate in the Norlin era.
  12. Angstwulf

    Angstwulf Member

    Jun 1, 2013
    The Gibson debate reminds me of the crap I had to put up with in the 90’s when Harley Davidsons became a line drawn in the sand.

    On one hand, you heard a lot of people whining on about Harley’s terrible quality control, issues with how they were suing the competition for the most idiotic intellectual property claims and the ridiculous cross marketing (remember Harley Davidson ties and briefcases? Yuck.)

    On the other hand you had endless proselytizing about how Harleys had a feel and authenticity that absolutely no one could ever achieve.

    Sound familiar?

    Heck, this is all in fun and I haven’t seen anyone geet nasty like on Harmony Central back in the day (a Gibson purchase, btw) or what you see on Gearslutz.

    Let’s join hands, sing a round of Kumbaya and focus our rage on the one thing we can all agree to hate:

    Hipster douchebags who claim authentic music can only be made on that 1965 Teisco Del Rey piece of crap that they paid $1,673.00 for from that boutique store in that gentrified neighborhood.
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  13. lcfparty35

    lcfparty35 Member

    Jul 14, 2018
    I'll be the guy to say that we live in an age of entitlement, and the through line I see in all those bashing threads is that the instigators are the type who are looking for something to complain about, who sit metaphorically on their butts and complain when mom or whomever brings something that isn't to their standard. I think it cuts across the political spectrum, though, I'd venture, not the economic spectrum. It's not about the quality of the guitar at all, but the affrontry of other people liking a thing I don't like and/or being offered or having some impulse to buy a thing that disappoints me, and taking that personally, because, after all, literally everything revolves around me. Just my take.

    I'll go farther on a limb and say that the young Youtubers who post insipid videos bashing Gibson really strike me as the type who would also get down on Gamergate (a video game controversy not worth investigating if you haven't: in short, the Eric Cartmans of the world, the type of person Chuck Palahniuk predicted as a social type in Fight Club, etc). And while the posters who do so here might be of a totally different sort of person, I can't disassociate them from the general decay of our social fabric.

    I own five Gibson guitars. I love them. They're not perfect. My Fenders feel in some ways more ergonomic, and I've not dabbled much in the boutique brands, but sell off anything boutique I get within a year without fail. I just like Gibsons. I don't care if someone else doesn't, but to express that in grandiose terms strikes me as, well, unsavory, as I explain above. Get over yourselves, nerds. (I'm a nerd too and don't mean that as a pejorative).

    RICFREAK Member

    Sep 16, 2010
    Hate is such an ugly word.
    Guitars are made for enjoyment, be it to play or to collect.
    Lots of choices out there at different price range. Just get one you can afford or better still get many within your means. Love them.
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  15. Yamaha 350

    Yamaha 350 Member

    Mar 19, 2017
    I agree but still like a few of them. I wish players would let them make the guitars different and fix the problems and be not stuck in the past. A YouTuber put up a video about gibson having coil split and other options saying Gibson has lost it's way. But when they stoped making that model he said they found their way again. I think about things and will say this on that subject. :confused::confused::rolleyes2::nuts:nono:peenut:peenut:peenut:peenut:munch:spit:huh:peenut:peenut:peenut:peenut:peenut:puh:facepalm:eeks:dunno
  16. voggin

    voggin Member

    Feb 21, 2012
    As for the expense thing, Gibsons are really only expensive in the context of the multiple guitar owning set. I mean, if you were a musician (professional, semi-pro or hobbyist) who owned one or two guitars, owning a used Les Paul isn't exactly some insurmountable economic achievement or hardship. Compared to owning pretty much any other musical instrument.

    Then again, people who own one or two guitars probably spend their time playing them, and not examining them "out of the box" from an internet purchase with black lights and magnifying glasses.

    For some weird reason, whether it's something inherent in the designs, the uses of wood, whatever, no two Gibsons ever seem to sound alike, even with all the mechanization in the process these days.. Take two Les Pauls, made right after another by the same employees on the same line, and one will speak to you and the other won't. Same with 335s. And you and I won't necessarily pick the same ones. Is that a lack of QC?

    My avatar is of a PRS. Fantastic guitar. But I'm no more fond of it than my Gibsons, although (originally, I buy used) it would have been twice the price of some of them.

    I should really do a comparison thread of it and my 2010 LP standard. I love both guitars, so it won't be a bashing either way. They both have their plusses and minuses (and they aren't what the internet would have you believe!)
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  17. fjrabon

    fjrabon Member

    Dec 20, 2010
    They still make the modern Les Paul with all of that stuff. It’s just not called the standard.
  18. HotBluePlates

    HotBluePlates Member

    Mar 27, 2017
    This in spades.

    I laughed at reading "recent" because I worked at Gibson USA in the late-90's and many employees hated Henry J and what he was doing with the company back then (and very likely since).

    Most of the questionable/disliked moves were about being a "brand, and image" like many modern companies rather than being an instrument maker. I personally hated the low quality standard accepted within the Epiphone warehouse, because management felt like they were the entry-level instruments and if folks wanted better then they should buy Gibson. Meanwhile, there weren't really "affordable" Gibson models at the time because in Henry's words, "The player should aspire to own a Gibson, just like a BMW."

    Even buying at dealer prices, I could never afford a Gibson while working at the factory. Left the job in 2000, and can't speak to much happening since that time.
  19. programmer

    programmer Member

    May 16, 2017
    SF Bay Area/Marbella
    I have more bolt-ons (Fenders and custom shop Charvels) but I do have a couple of Gibsons. A 2001 LP Standard and a 2013 custom shop L4 CES. The LP needed a lot of fretwork (new) before it was playable, but the archtop is the highest quality guitar I have. Incredible craftsmanship. That guitar is flawless. I would love to some day get an ES 335 made by those guys in the Crimson custom shop.
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  20. Jarick

    Jarick Supporting Member

    Jan 25, 2006
    Saint Paul, MN
    I was turned off by the Dean lawsuit but ended up caving and trading for a 2019 Gibson. My 2018 Tribute is such a nice guitar for the money and the QC was really great. So I pulled the trigger on another 2019 because I felt it would be an excellent guitar and it is.
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