If I was to go true-bypass...


I have a few effects in my chain that are not true bypass... I have 3 of the 4 on a Loooper and the other one is on all the time. So basically, I want to keep them them my collection, but not on my pedal board. What would be a good pedals to replace these on my board?

1. Ibanez TS-808 R.I. (mainly used for blues leads/dirty Rhythm)
2. Klon Centaur (Used for more hot rodded leads w/ TS-808)
3. Boss TU-2 (Obviously a Peterson is going to come into play here)
4. Line 6 DL4 (I have to leave it on all the time so my tone doesn't change between the channels. The Expression pedal broke so I dedicate channel 1 of the tone and the other two for my slap and longer delays. )

I'm thinking MJM Blues Devil for the TS-808, the Landgraff DO for the Klon, the Peterson for the Boss, and the Echoczar for the DL4.


Yes, you're definitely on the right track.

The BluesDevil is true-bypass and no loud pop when engaged like some switches do. It's got that mid-hump and less bass, which I'm kinda sick of, but I've kept the pedal because it's still the best TS/808 clone I've heard.

The Strobostomp does change your tone a tiny bit even in true-bypass mode, but it's the best tuner I've used. So much more accurate than anything else out there.

Haven't heard the Landgraff, but I'm not a fan of the Klon. When the gain's cranked, it displays all that bass robbing mid-boosting coloration that you can get out of any of the many TS variants. It works best set low pushing a cranked amp, and for this reason, I'd recommend the BJF SeaBlue EQ for a truly transparent boost with very useful tone controls.

My DL-4 died, but I was already fed up with it's many issues. A problematic power supply amongst them and the thing's a tone-sucker even when bypassed. Those 'models' may be interesting, but they sure don't sound like the real thing to me. I only used it as a looper and there's a lot of new ones out there that do that job much better (Boss RC-20XL, DigiTech JamMan, etc). When I got the estimate of $300 CDN to repair it I swore off Line6 product forever. Sell it quick before it breaks.

I'm waiting for an Echoczar, but I'm not holding my breath. For a few hundred less, you can pick up a Diamond Memory Lane today. True-bypass w/550 ms of great sounding analog delay. You can loop other effects in the ML or use that same jack to control feedback with an expression pedal. It's also got tap tempo, modulation and a tone control that can add bass or treble to each successive repeat for effects that run the gamut from subtle and musical to totally insane. It does simple slap-back and speaker-blowing self-oscillation equally well. Some users find it noisy, but that's unavoidable with the bucket-brigade chips used and apparently the Echoczar's noise floor is at least as high.

That's quite an investment, all told, but if you've got great guitars & amps, you'll want to do everything possible to preserve your sound.


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For the effect that is on all the time, leave it as it is. What's the point of having true bypass if you're never going to bypass it?

Keep the tuner in a looper, so you can silent tune.

As for the others, they can be modded to true bypass.


One - Get a Menatone Red Snapper to replace the 808..

Two - The Landgraff DO will never replace the Klon, I had both and got rid of the Landgraff, and still have my Klon.. People can talk **** all they want on the Klon when the gain is turned up, but there is no better clean boost than the Klon, and it has one of the best buffers for those other peoples that suck tone.. The Klon is my number one pedal on my board, and I keep the gain turned below 9:00...

The Delay - I don't use one so I am of no help hear.


Hmmm.... For the responses -

1. I pretty much hate the DL4 because it's bulky, a tone sucker and I hate the fact that I have to leave it on all the time. I wish I could turn it off and not have a tone change... It's just a pain in my ass. I might have to look into the Diamond Memory Lane.

2. I LOVE my Klon and I use it with the Gain wide open! I always have. But I think the Landgraff isn't going to have such a mid-hump and sound a little more ballsy, especially with a Blue Devil!

3. I noticed I can't use my BOYC Rangemaster with my 808 in front of it because it's buffered. The tone becomes WAY TOO bright. I have tried the Red Snapper and it's a nice pedal, don't get me wrong. BUT - It's a bright pedal also! I'll have to A/B the BD and RS and see which one I like better.

It might have something to do with my pedal layout also!! Right now its:

Guitar (Fender Strat 60's RI w/ Fat 50's, Fender Tele 50's RI w/ Antiquities,Gibson Les Paul w/ BB p/u's, or a 1964 Gibson SG Jr.)-> Fulltone Clyde Wah->Fulltone Deja-Vibe->Roger Mayer Octavia->Analog.Man modded Fuzz Face->BYOC Ranger Master->Loooper (For TS-808, Klon, and Boss TU-2)->Fulltone Supa-Trem->Fulltone ChoralFlange->Line 6 DL4-> '59 Bassman RI 4X10.

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