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If music was your job would you lose interest?


If you had a job in a music store, maybe sales and/or teaching and/or repairs would your interest in guitars diminish?


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Maybe. Even when I learn a song for my cover band I tend to not enjoy listening to it as much any more, since I now think of chords when it’s playing, and not the song as a whole.


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I wrote about music for a few years and the need to listen to stuff that was really not very good just to crank out content was tough. It definitely took away some of the fun of just listening.
This is why I never aspired to be a film reviewer.


It's All Been Done Before
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Yes. It's nice having it as a hobby (plus, I didn't have any choice - I could never hack it as a professional player) because I can play what I want when I want and because I don't get to do it all the time, it's still fun and a positive release.


I owned a recording studio for about eight years, eight long years. I don't miss lead singers mixing the final mix, or the 30th take on rhythm guitar @ 4 a.m. I also taught guitar, the same lesson every week, "let's review, oh, you didn't pick up the guitar since last week?" well, let's go over that again.
Fun, yes I did have a fun music related job, it was the sound guy at the local bar @ $150 plus all the alcohol & food I wanted 3 nights a week, now that was good. Even if that was the only thing I did that week, I had $450 in my back pocket. I did that for 4 years and loved it, the rest - studio, giving lessons, gigging out and stuff was work, live sound was fun and am good at it. I had great gates, an "efectron", wonderful compressors and my special tool, a BBE 822A that took the pillows off the speakers and made the bass tight as all heck.


Not so much for sales and/or teaching and/or repairs, but if I was stuck in a cover band that had to play Brown Eyed Girl, Sweet Home Alabama and Mustang Sally every night.... Yeah, that would prob do it.
You could always medicate - muffling the scream welling up inside from your cover band predicament. Very few humans can withstand the opening chords of Mustang Sally for the 1023rd time without some kind of pharmaceutical assistance. :D
I used to fill in for a friend years ago when he couldn't make his teaching gig. It was a small music store type thing. Even that limited experience was enough for me to know I would never want to be teaching guitar full time.
I think working in a store would be cool if it was a higher end place like Matt's, or Rainbow. Working in a GC would probably not be as much fun.

Working for a company like Suhr would probably be awesome, Gibson or Fender, not so much.


Despite constant suggestion ( over time) from my friends and wife too, (since I do play a lot of guitar/gigs), I've never really been interested in either working in a music store ( a feeling that gets reinforced every time I walk into a GC) or teaching.
Just because it's guitar and music related doesn't mean I'm gonna like it - " You love guitar so much, I bet you'd be a really good at lessons/ music store!"
I just want to play!


I spent five years on the road playing a solo, 16 years writing ad copy, and then the last 22 years composing and producing music for advertising and video games. Never got bored with music. I’ve semi-retired, but I play in two bands, still making my own recorded songs and still taking the occasional project.

Back in April, I took a job in an excellent locally-owned music store, thinking it would be an ideal way to fill my hours. I quit after two weeks. It has nothing to do with music and I hated every second of it.

So, yeah, I did get extremely bored and frustrated with a “sort of” musical job where I don’t make music. But in a 40+ year career, I spent 27 of those years as a full time musician, and I think I’ve achieved about 4% of what I might be capable of... I’m pushing toward 5%. How can you get bored with a vocation that always provides so much to strive for?

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