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IF true...I get why Mike is out of VH


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I'm not a big VH poster but I did come across this. Any truth to his comment?


"Lest Roth feel slighted by Van Halen’s comments, the guitarist also had disparaging words for his former bassist, Michael Anthony, who left the band in 2006 and is currently replaced by Van Halen’s son Wolfgang. “Every note Mike ever played, I had to show him how to play…Before we’d go on tour, he’d come over with a video camera and I’d have to show him how to play all the parts,” he says."


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There's a thread already going for EVH's Billboard magazine interview where these quotes are taken from.


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I don't buy that for a second. Just more vitriol from Eddie. I don't trust a word that comes out of his mouth. Back in the 80's, I remember people being split over the Van Halen/Roth debacle. Well 3 decades later, all the people he's left in his wake are ample evidence as to who is the problem. I love his playing and few rockers can swing like him, but this is just more reason why I don't care to go see VH any longer.



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Yeah, I seriously doubt Satriani had to, or would've done that for Chicken Foot. Total BS!


Hey, Ed - we're talking about a bass player here simply parking on the ROOT and thumping away... The reality is that even a retarded Chimpanze would not need to view a video-tape made at your house to master a typical "Van Halen bass line..."
I mean, really, Ed! - That particular line of BS was unusually weak... Seriously, bro! No need to throw Anthony under the bus simply to justify replacing him with your son...



Senior Member
According to Mike, he was continually told by Eddie and Alex to keep it simple and stay on the root. The reason was they didn't want the bass taking attention away from the guitar and drums.
This has been quoted in interviews Mike has done. And, I heard it from the horse's mouth years ago.

tritone 6

I seriously doubt this, and if Eddie is still not drinking, he is doing it on his own and is a dry drunk.
This is not the way a person talks who has taken a hard look at themself and focused on what HE did wrong, and tried to repair the wreckage of his past. He's still blaming everyone else and is angry.
I love Eddies playing and because Dave was such a loudmouth I always assumed back in the day that Dave was the problem.
But Eddie clearly has a problem with everyone and anyone except family and I bet they get sick of his crap too.
For a guy who had to be shown how to play everything, he sure did a good job doing what he was told and sang some amazing supporting vocals. Did Eddie teach him that too?
If he's so miserable with Dave, and anyone else except his brother and son, why not just start a new band and make some new original music and shut up and play your guitar...
I'm not a huge Sammy fan (in VH)
But if anyone is delusional it's Ed.
And if he really wanted to give the fans what they want, he would bring Mike back. It's ridiculous that all 4 original members are alive and are NOT making new music and touting. THAT is what the fans want and it's Eds fault that his fragile ego hadn't been able to get over a stupid spat that happened 10 years ago with mike.
The guy who had the audacity to jam with Sammy while Eddie was unable to do anything.
For a guy that had to be shown everything, he has been playing consistently since way back when and seems to be a true pro, who just loves to play.
Who would want someone like that in your band?
Maybe he came to Ed and asked him what to play because Ed write the music and he wanted to give him what he wanted.
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Silver Supporting Member
Mike was getting a 25% cut of the royalties. That's the main reason for the split, I'd wager. Doubt Alex writes very much, but that's family.
Eddie's been a very rich man for many years. Little doubt he spends some time living in MJ/PrinceLand.
DLR has always been ambitious - was a radio host, wrote a book, planned for a movie, trained/worked as an EMT, trains dogs at a high level, uber-fit... While his voice is pretty much shot, he's accomplished quite a bit more than Eddie managed over the last 10-20 years...
Huge props to Ed - changed the world, man - but the more he repeats some of this silliness the more he seems to believe it true.

B Money

Ed is the least credible person to talk about what happens in VH. Between the years lost in a drug- fueled haze and the intentional deceit, I don't believe a word he says anymore.
He's one of my favorite musicians though.


Gold Supporting Member
According to Mike, he was continually told by Eddie and Alex to keep it simple and stay on the root. The reason was they didn't want the bass taking attention away from the guitar and drums.
This has been quoted in interviews Mike has done. And, I heard it from the horse's mouth years ago.
This is what I thought as well. It sounds like he was doing a lot more in the demo recordings and was not hidden.

This is funny since I thought I read a quote from Ed about Wolfie's advantage over him playing guitar due to his physical strength from playing bass. That doesn't sound like someone who claimed to have re-recorded all the bass parts on the albums.


Funny, most players of Eddie's caliber collaborate with other players on many projects. Jeff Beck, Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Warren Haynes, Santana, Satriani, Vai , even Jimmy Page, have all done projects with other players. Eddie did that thing with Brian May back in the mid 80s but that's all I can think of. It speaks volumes.


If Mike was really that utterly lame as a bass player, Eddie would have replaced him back when they were in high school, before they ever got to play at Gazzarri's.

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