If you already have a LP why would you (or did you) get a SG ?

This is a real question, as I have read many posts of people saying they have a SG guitar while already having a Les Paul guitar. I know they are physically different, but I am just wondering if there is (or not) some "sonic" overlap or redundancy in having both.
I am a beginner at guitar and already have a LP so this question may seem inane to some experienced guitarists, but it stems from my wondering if I am not "missing out" something "special" by not having a SG too.
Personally…I can’t tell one humbucker guitar from another from a recording…maybe if one is hollow and the others not..on a good day.

Buying gear cause you are afraid to miss out one something…bad idea. You can become a Rockgod with the guitar you own…
Nothing wrong with experimenting with gear…just don’t kid yourself the endresult is gonna be much different when pups are from the same foodgroup.
I got an SG first and years later got a great deal on a LP Studio that I couldn't pass up.

To my old ears, they sound similar - hard to tell the difference in a mix.

IMO, the feel is quite different though. The SG neck can feel like it sticks out or is shifted over until gotten used to. The SG's thinner body, along with the bevels feel a little closer to a strat.
I have both, they do sound different but there is definitely overlap as well. I bought the SG as backup to my LP when was doing a lot of touring so wanted it to be close, but didn’t want two of the same either. They do play and feel different also due to design. Do I “need” them all? No, of course not, but I like ‘em.

I think there’s a tonal difference between them but they also feel different which, for me, translates to different playing. To be fair, those differences may well only be heard by me but mine are the only ears I’m working with.

I don’t think you’re missing out per se, I have 4 LPs & 1 SG, just tonal variety. I settled on a single PAF in the bridge after trying a couple diff pickup options. It sounds like an LP/SG A/B is in order!
Different weight, body thickness, & sound. SGs are way more ‘mid’ sounding vaguely similar to a Flying V - LPs are thicker & meatier sounding as a generalization.

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