If You Could Have Only ONE Overdrive...


Hey Guys,

I'm building a new, stripped-down setup and I'm using my PWE EH-3 as my main amp. It has 3 GREAT channels, so I am covered pretty much for tones.

I have room in the setup for ONE overdrive......There are so many available now, and I don't follow the scene at all.

Suggestions please!

NOTE: I'm not really looking for something that will goose my PWE as it does not need it. However, for the times where I need a subtle boost, or a bit of solo drive with my Naylor SD60, it would be nice to have...

Misplaced my OCD so, right now all I have is a Plimsoul I just got. I think it's a great OD/Dist with tons of potential.


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I hadn't heard of that amp, so I had to look it up, and it seems quite lovely. For what it's worth, I'm using a Vox NT-50h, which is also a 12ax7/el34 based amp, technically 2 channels but really a 3, and I've only been using one overdrive, the Arc Effects Klone, to great effect, both as a true overdrive (clean boost) or more typically with gain somewhere between 9 and 12 going into the amp while dirty. It plays very well with the amp (and by extension I would imagine other "Marshallesque" amps), so I would definitely say give it a try.

Another option to look into would be a good treble boost, such as the Arc Effects Gamut or Analog Man Beano Boost.

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