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If you could meet, sit down with, and interview one of these guys, who would it be?

If you could meet and interview one of these guitar players, who would you choose?

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Gotta go with Jimi. They would have to drag me away because I'd have a million questions.

Jesus freak

Silver Supporting Member
EC, because Cream blows my mind, and there seems to be "more than meets the eye" about EC to me.


Probably Page. He had one of the most diverse playing styles and showed tons of influences. He often had great tone and always seemed to have knack for coaxing the best tone of of any particular piece of gear. Plus he did actually orchestrate his layered guitars quite a bit. This makes for a interesting and complex individual. My choice isn't based off of popularity or whose my favorite player. Hendrix would be runner up because he had a very broad brush and wisent afraid to use it.

I like all of the other choices and they all were influential in the field of music.

As a write in I would like to hang with Paul Kossoff. Loved his tone and there just doesn't seem to be much written about him.

Average Joe

May. I like a lot of the players on the list as players, but as talking go there is a greater chance of lucid answers from BM


Many of my favourite players there, but I'll go with Page. I have met him briefly, and he was a gentleman to my wife & me, but an interview would be cool. There are so many guitar related myths to clear up...

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