If you could ONLY have 3 fuzzes

I am no expert at using TGP, so forgive me if I can find this in other threads like the "Strictly Fuzz" thread, but I couldn't bother with going through 1200 pages.

Anyways. If you could ONLY have 3 Fuzz pedals for the rest of your life, which ones would you choose and why?
(Also a bonus if you iclude how you use them)

Tiny Montgomery

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Sunface (NKT275 WDNG, but any will do in a pinch). I usually use it as an always-on with my Strat, working the volume knob. Truth be told, #2 would be a backup for it, but that’s no fun...

SUF Mountain Goat (or at least some form of Big Muff). To pick up where the SF leaves off. For power chord riffing and singing leads.

For the third, today I’ll say a Bosstone derivative of some sort. I have the Voodoo Lab Bosstone, which works great. Cleans up well, can sub for a Fuzz Face, but also gets more over the top and “60’s garage rock” sounding, at times.

Or maybe a Tonebender...


Black Arts Toneworks Sarcophagus
My Custom Arctic White Fuzz
Crazy Tube Circuits Constellation

That should cover everything.

(I consider my RAT(s) and my Lovepedal Super Sic Tone Distortions)

fuzz guy

Well I'm not going to only have three fuzz pedals anytime soon, but my three current favourites are:

  • DIY Buzzaround copy
  • DOD Carcosa
  • this position fluctuates between a Silicon TB and Green Russian Muff RI
The first two are fuzzes that sit really well in a band mix and offer some flexibility, especially the Carcosa. The final option is for when I want something thick and wooly but still usable.

And if I'm being honest, I don't really like Fuzz Faces.


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3 Trombetta Rotobones

In all seriousness, though Trombetta Rotobone, Spaceman Sputnik III and Analogman White Dot Sunface are the only three I have and I am content.
My Rotobone would definitely make this list. It's really difficult from there... Maybe my Creepy Fingers Regulus 8 and my De Sade V2. Don't tell my other fuzz pedals!
I think of the Rotobone more as an OD or for getting the horn thing. But Oh My the Rotoface!