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If you could only have one Barber OD pedal...

I'm the oddball here and had the Dirty Bomb for several years. In those days I needed a much cleaner clean tone and was using a single channel amp.

I've since moved it on, but even for such a high gain pedal, it was really sweet sounding and versatile.

These days I'd probably do a GC.


Only one? Geez Louise. I’d have to say the Gain Changer, even though it’s not currently on my board, because of its sheer versatility. Wait, no...the 1/2 Gainer because...it’s the freaking 1/2 Gainer! Ugh, but now the LTD is over there in the corner giving me sad eyes. And the Direct Drive is pissed and demanding attention.

Oh, what’s this? A Small Fry Burn Unit that just arrived in the mail (true story) a few hours ago? Hmmm...


Wow, surprised by all the Burn Unit EQ love. It was my first Barber, and it's still on my board all these years later. Was expecting to hear all about Direct Drives, and they are great. But the BUEQ is just great for cover rock. ZZ, SRV, Bad Co, all that stuff. Very versatile. The LTD and Tone Press are the others I've tried and they're great too. Guess it depends on your rig and needs, but for me the BUEQ is just indispensable. Tons of controlled feedback in there, tons of sustain. Just feels great to play it.


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Of the pedals I've never had, I'd love to have one of the big old Burn Units. I was watching them disappear that time a while ago ~ was it this year, or a couple years ago? ~ when they were selling off the old stock. Sending email after email after email while watching them disappear one-by-one off the website. Digging deep and doing everything I could to buy one. Crying out into the darkness of the internet ... no-one heard me :( I'm still a little sore at Barber over that.

Been trying to get one for maybe ... well, not long after I was finally able to afford one, which was right around the time they stopped making them.

Of those I've had, I'd kind of like to have a silver LTD again. i loved that pedal! I did get a GCX, and it's really good - had it, actually, gave it to someone who was in deep trouble because of serious OD deprivation. Which is what happened to the silver LTD, as a matter of fact. Anyway i remember enjoying playing the silver LTD more than the GCX but I couldn't tell you why, could have nothing to do with the pedals.

Also gave away a Small Fry. I liked that one, too. I don't know why I keep giving them away. I've about run out of people I know who are both cool enough and OD-desperate enough to give a great pedal to, so ... maybe if I ever get that Burn Unit I'll get to keep it.


The boys and I, jammed on Sat afternoon. We had two guitarists, no bassist and I played drums. We played Santanaish, Stones, blues, and Southern Rock flavored tunes.

My son, was playing, a Fender Strat with Fat 50's, Fulldrive 2 mos, Secret Freq, delay and Peavey Bandit 65. He had good tone. The Bandit sounded surprisingly, good for its vintage.

The other guitarist was playing my set up, Fender US Tele, Cot 50, Gain Changer, Red Llama, 25th, light crunch, Barbershop, Diamond compressor, delay, Fender PA 100, 2x12 cab. My friend commented that the sound was very clear, lots of sustain and cut through the other guitarist and drums.

I have a Direct Drive, V1 no trim pots, Compact Gain Changer and BUEQ. I enjoy the tone and flexibility of the BUEQ, Dumble, very good Marshall, good Tweed and Mesa tones. These are hard to find and prices for used are the same as new.

As always, YMMV.


A version of the Direct Drive. A standard large box one, the new small box ones or the new brilliant BUSS. The Direct Drive is so versatile - can be set up into a dirty amp like a Tube Screamer type (but way better), into a clean amp its an amazing lower gain crunch base tone to build all your sounds from (stacking another OD or a boost from a compressor. Then on its on it gets you cranked plexi levels of gain, basically a medium gain distortion pedal.

I don't think theres a better overall overdrive pedal on the market.


I have 3 Barber pedals my favorite is the Barber LTD SR LOVE that pedal, hasn't left my board in years. I also have a direct drive and trifecta on the board. Love the DD as well. The trifecta sounds great clean but I can't get it to work with with a dirty amp and humbuckers quite right. It either doesn't cut or way too loud.


I’ve been very open about my dislike of fuzz. Ironically the only Barber pedal I own is the Exacta fuzz! I actually really enjoy it, despite not enjoying fuzz. It seems to capture what I like about fuzz and avoids what I don’t like, even if I can’t put it into words.

For any players out there who are curious about Barbers, they seem to be extremely well made, have a great “feel” to them and are priced extremely competitively. If Barber charged twice as much and had a wait list, everyone would know how great they are. Fortunately Dave keeps it real and makes outstanding products that are affordable for most non-professional players.


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The burn unit eq came a couple of days ago and I would say that if I can't get it done with this pedal than I should probably practice more.
This thing is nothing short of amazing. It's got so many sounds in it and every one of them sounds great!
It doesn't matter which pickup I use, how I have the eq tweaked or where the dynamics is set, it sounds great.
The gain is usable throughout the entire range. It's got plenty of gain and hitting it with a clean boost gives me more than I'll ever need.
It's a big pedal but worth every square inch of board space. You would expect that something that sounds this huge and that is so versatile to be even larger than it is.
This pedal would be amazing if it was just one channel, having two is the icing on the cake!
This is my first Barber pedal and I couldn't be more impressed.


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I keep going back to the big box DD. I just got the DD v3 too and can see that I'll be keeping that one as well.

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