If you could only have one...

If you could own only one, which would you choose?

  • Les Paul

    Votes: 470 41.9%
  • SG

    Votes: 156 13.9%
  • 335

    Votes: 496 44.2%

  • Total voters


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So say you're trying to decide between getting a Les Paul, 335, or an SG. You have a choice of keeping the best Les Paul you've ever heard and played, the best 335 you've ever heard and played, or the best SG you've ever heard and played. Which would you choose and why? And no, you can't afford all three in this case. :p
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SG, 1000%. I have a glorious Custom Shop VOS model and it has it all. Super light weight, almost never goes out of tune, and can sound beautiful clean or heavy. I find it much more ergonomic than Les Pauls. When I found my SG I sold a PRS 245 and DGT. I subsequently acquired a truly great R8 and it ticks all my LP boxes, but I always reach for the SG first. Mind you, I play more clean than dirty, no heavy rock, and my band doesn't have a drummer.

Tommy Biggs

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I’d love an SG, but I had some issues making one work for me.
I love the way they sound and look, I hope to take another shot at one someday.
LP for me...


But I don't have to have one. You can have one now, and then get the other later. I dig both. Plug 'em up and I can't tell you which I prefer. I would buy the one I could afford first, then save for the other. A good used SG is usually cheaper than a LP, and easier on the body. But, get both, eventually.


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