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If you could only have one...

If you could own only one, which would you choose?

  • Les Paul

    Votes: 279 43.3%
  • SG

    Votes: 86 13.4%
  • 335

    Votes: 279 43.3%

  • Total voters


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So say you're trying to decide between getting a Les Paul, 335, or an SG. You have a choice of keeping the best Les Paul you've ever heard and played, the best 335 you've ever heard and played, or the best SG you've ever heard and played. Which would you choose and why? And no, you can't afford all three in this case. :p
Assuming all three plays well and sounds great, here’s some things to think about that can help you decide:

-Has the thickest sound
-Can be really in your face
-Can also be warm
-The heaviest of the 3

-Not as thick sounding
-Can also be in your face
-Can also be warm
-Lighter than a LP

-has a less in your face type of tone than the others, but still can punch through
-not as thick sounding as a LP
-Has an airier woodier tone than the others
-can be the warmest of the 3

With a good amp and pedals you can coax any tone out of these 3, but the physics of the construction will start you off with the characteristics described. Bottom line is which one appeals to you the most.
335, ‘76 with trapeze tail piece.
-great tones and versatility
-slim tapered neck
-plays like butter
-the f hole blows air on ya arm when cranked and honking on stage
-my friend admitted to me that he considered stealing after I loaned him mine to play 3 gigs, LoL
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I thought that I was weird, well I know that I am, because after I bought my 335, I hated the strap button on heel thing.
The guitar top fell away from me and I had to consciously keep it next to my body (my playing style plus my body shape I guess).

And I played it like that a while and it just wasn’t working for me. I actually thought about selling my dream guitar because it was a pain for me to play.
But after a few cold ones one day, I put the guitar strap in front of the upper Mickey ear.
Boom, problem solved! All of my buddies of course said that it looked stupid and might wear on the finish, but hey, I had a 335 and they didn’t.

Later I bought a used ‘69 SG Jr., same problem, same fix. I was playing the SG at practice one night and the other guitar player said that the upper bout will break off. If this guitar is that fragile that it would break with that little weight on it, then let it break off, I told him.

I felt vindicated after I saw many players doing the same guitar strap thing on 335s and SGs.

Anyway, just wanted to share that.
Whoa. Wasn't expecting that. 222 for LP vs 228 for 335 and 71 votes for SG.
I’m surprised by the results as well.
I had no idea that the 335 would be essentially tied with the Les Paul.

I’m an old guy and voted for the 335 and own all three.
If I was a betting man which I’m not because that’s a good way to lose your stash that you were saving up to buy another guitar with, I would bet that the majority of the people who voted for the 335 are older.
I simply don’t know. What is older and younger?
But it would be very interesting, to me at least, to know the ages or age ranges of everyone who votes.


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I've been lucky to own and play really great sounding Les Pauls, 335s, and SGs over the years. I prefer my 335 for everything except slide, where my Les Paul has a slight edge over the 335. I always want to like SGs, but I've finally resigned myself to the fact that I'm tall enough that they just don't look right when I play them.
335 is more versatile for the styles i play, if i'm uninspired or bored, screwing around with 335 feedback is very entertaining to me, and a good one sounds cool unplugged for those insomnia sessions on the floor.

I was obsessed with shredding when i had an SG so i automatically start finger tapping and doing speed trials on my scales anytime i pick one up... more of a "me" problem than an "SG" problem.

Les Pauls are just too heavy to be my only guitar. I've played some lighter ones but the "best ones" i've ever played really put the anvil on my shoulder.
Ditch'em both and go for a tele!
Nope..... Get u an lp, some bright paf styles, 550k logs, wire it to be out put loading (50s) and roll the the tone back to 5, volume back to 6 or 7, and u got a Tele like tone. Plus the plethora of other tones available
ES-335 all the way, don't like so much the SG, love Les Pauls sound and look, but they don't fit my strum style, I constantly hit the switch when I´m playing.
That's crazy, the reason I prefer the lp is the switch location cuz I don't hit it when I get aggressive lol, I love sgs too but the lp is more solid. I wanted to like sgs better but I'm a little heavy handed and the neck joint has a bunch of play in it so I pull notes sharp or flat,... So lp it is!
Neither. I would buy a nice Telecaster before any Gibson but that's just my choice
That's like saying you would pick the tall skinny blonde with a flat butt and chest who is really cool, over the brunette with a perfect figure and beautiful curves, plenty of thick juicy yet tight bottom End, but is a little sassy.... You gotta baby her a little more sure, wine and dine her, but the end result and the endless screaming, singing.........uh...Sustain.....makes it all so so worth it!
If those were my only choices I’d buy a set of golf clubs and give up playing guitar.
Psht. If u had a bunch of fenders you wouldn't have to buy golf clubs! Just grab your strat for putts, and use a tele for your driver.....honestly that's probably their best application...... or if you want to start collecting art..... Go with a prs.....but if you want to play authentic :stirrock and roll, get a real guitar aka get a Gibson...... See what I did there? I kid, I kid, I joke I joke....:spit

I admit, l I'm A Gibson guy through and through, but believe me when I say I ha e literally tried to force myself to click with fenders and prs's..... Even though Gibson does some seriously stupid and shady stuff business wise, their tradional style guitars just feel natural to me.... Any other guitar I play, I feel like I'm playing a guitar,...... When I play a lp, I feel like I'm making music...it doesn't feel like I'm trying to play a guitar, it just feels like an extension of me,.....
They are heavy, temperamental, high maintenence, I agree, clunky neck Joint, they have to have a perfectly cut and lubed nut to stay in tune etc.....but there is no style a lp can't cover and it has infinite amounts of tone combos with the knobs and selector switch, especially when wired in output loading configuration.... Aka "50s" style,.........
even though all the gut shots of 57 gold tops and 58 bursts I've seen are all "modern wiring" and "50s wiring doesn't seem to appear frequently until 59 serial number
9-0326..... Which from that point on all the 59 and 60 bursts I've seen gut shots of had the "50s wiring"..... So ironically the modern wiring came first lol...
I digress,.... My point behind all this rambling is, give Gibson guitars a break, it's not the guitars fault the company does stupid stuff....


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Beyond surprised to see the 335 sitting equal with the LP in the votes. It just defies what you actually see out there.

Am basing this on the gear that all of the most notable pros used in recordings and live as well as whenever you check out a demo on youtube. I would venture to guess it is more than 90/10 in favor of the LP over the 335 in these cases. Are the 335 fans just stepping up to cast their vote while the LP voters are assuming everyone else already ran the numbers up so why bother? Or is the 335 the truly the real love for more than half of us even though it might get relatively less air time?

A LP type guitar is the one guitar that I could never do without. Have finally moved away Gibsons to a PRS McCarty SC 594 taking the place now, but same thing in my opinion. Love semi hollows, including the 335, and the SG as well, but they are secondary tools for me personally.


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Les Paul. I don't even have to think about it, I just instinctively know, and I've owned a 335 for many years.


When I went to Music Man I never looked back. 47 years of playing everything under the sun and nothing compares to a MM guitar for me. Between the three you listed however, I would choose the SG. If you need incentive go listen to Frank Marino and Frank Zappa.


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I've had all three and my old Rossington Les Paul was the finest of the bunch.


If I could have any Gibson it would be this exact 345.

The only good thing in the recent remake of A Star is Born.
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Same answer as I posted to this on Strat-Talk. If I chose one, I'd probably have to come back and edit 100 times. Currently, I don't own a SG or 335, but I have two LP's so it would be disingenuous to choose one of 3. By default it would have to be a LP.

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