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If you could only have one...

If you could own only one, which would you choose?

  • Les Paul

    Votes: 311 42.7%
  • SG

    Votes: 96 13.2%
  • 335

    Votes: 321 44.1%

  • Total voters


I’ve played good examples of all three types. They each have something to offer. But I chose many years ago when I played a particular guitar, went and pulled the money together to buy it, and it’s still the best for me.

It’s a ‘97 JPLP sig. beautiful slim shaved neck, it feels just right. It has the ‘keystone’ shape tuning keys that I love. The sustain and tone are fabulous. It has coil tapping (and a few other tricks under the hood) which I make use of. It feels right for my body... very easy to play and handle. And it looks pretty nice too.


Looooove my LesPaul...but it cannot do what my 335 can do , yet the 335 can do the LesPaul thing easy....SGs are weird to me, like the sound, dont like how the feel...

335 gets my vote

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