If you could only have one...

If you could own only one, which would you choose?

  • Les Paul

    Votes: 202 42.3%
  • SG

    Votes: 64 13.4%
  • 335

    Votes: 212 44.4%

  • Total voters


My favorite tone is 335 but i can't get used to that big mickey mouse ear body. My fave looks and playability is small pickguard Cherry SG but the Les Paul just sounds soooooo F'ing killer that I had to go with that. I think if i was a better guitar player i'd go with 335. But since i'm a hack i can at least fall back on the cool factor of the looks and tone of an Les Paul. Was playing with some guys last year, they had custom guitars, several pedals and some boutique amps. I plugged my R8 straight into one guy's hot rod deluxe and that guitar sounded so much better than the other guys. It was like Pavarotti singing along with two Bob Dylans. Not bragging because as much as i have the feel and athletic ability to play, i'm fairly tonedeaf so i just wing it in a few boxes of the blues scale - but that guitar is a Rock N Roll icon for a reason.


335 is the most versatile but since it has a solid core, the three guitars assuming dual humbucker setup, could easily be dialed into the others’ territory.

I like high end and the 335 has the maple body and P-90s in a 335 would make it the best desert island Gibson.



I’ve owned and loved nearly every SG model and a couple of them have been wonderful, especially a ‘70 SG Custom I bought new. I’ve owned several LPs and I only bonded with a ‘79 Custom in white. I’ve owned a couple of 335s and you simply can’t go wrong with them. They’re more comfortable to play and they have a bigger more three dimensional sound than solid bodies do


SG. Beautiful design(YMMV), great access to the highest frets, Light weight. They can be neck-heavy, but LPs don't balace well either, especially sitting down. A good one will get a lot of great sounds(I remember watching Bill Frisell play (among other things)standards in the mid-70s in Boston while getting great sounds out of his)...Blues, Jazz, Fusion, Rock, Slide....I've even played SGs that have that "tele-on-steroids twang". Different pickup combos and wiring open up a lot of possibilities.


I'll take my Epi Elite/Elitist LP's/SG's anyday and twice on Sunday. Made from 2002-2008 to include Studio, Standard, Standard Plus, Jay French, Tak Matsumoto, '57 Gold Top, Archtops, Acoustics and Custom. I'll throw in the SG from 02-08. Superior craftsmanship from Fuji Gen, Japan's Epi factory. I own 12 total. Gibson discontinued the Elite-'02, name change to Elitist in 2003 because Ovation had an Elite model line and threatened a lawsuit, like they were in any way alike. The Orville Japanese Gibson line is also a very well made LP(Made in the same plant as Elitist). Gibson discontinued the Elitist LP's and SG's in 2008, due to cannibalizing the Gibson models(poor quality control). I have owned several Gibsons and found the Elite/Elitist line through a salesman at GC in Charleston, SC. He tried to sell me a Gibson Custom Bourbon Burst for $3900 at the time. Hell no! " Ok I have an Epi Elitist Black Custom used, but mint and try to tell the difference". I played both, took the Elitist for $900.00! I have had two Wine Red and Black Customs and now down to the one Black Custom. GAS and job loss in 2008(Damn pharmaceutical industry). I cannot find a wine red Custom and have tried for two years now. That should tell you something. If you know of one hit me back so I can connect with the seller.

The only Elitist made today is the Casino. Not Gibson's bread and butter model. So, to answer the question, the above should tell you my opinion. Look at my '04 Elitist Standard, TBSB with Stainless Steel Frets and Pearly Gates Pups-Oh My! With my Marshall, glass breaker!!! I forgot, these models are 1/3 the price of a "Gibson" and mine have increased 20/30% each year. Very hard to find Mint/Excellent models anymore. Reverb is your best bet. Ebay is laging behind, as most of you know. I just gave away my secret! Share with the world! TBSB Elitist 04.jpg
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So say you're trying to decide between getting a Les Paul, 335, or an SG. You have a choice of keeping the best Les Paul you've ever heard and played, the best 335 you've ever heard and played, or the best SG you've ever heard and played. Which would you choose and why? And no, you can't afford all three in this case. :p
Looks like I'm in the majority (which is just ahead by a thin thread)! I'd personally keep the 335 bc that's more inline with my overall playing style. Not to mention I think they're the most diverse of the three if that's a considering factor. I can get creamy LP tones out of a 335. I can get biting SG tones out of a 335. However, I can't get the airy semi-hollow sound out of the other two.


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The SG. Here’s why: Collings makes a 335 that rivals the best Gibson and the Suhr Aura is better than some $80,000 LPs that I’ve played.

but an SG has to be a Gibson... doesn’t it

Alan Wolf

Gibson solid bodies have never had that much appeal to me, I’m pretty firmly in the single coil camp. I had a great 1962 es330 for a number of years (well, p90s are right in my sweet spot) and 335s have always been a pleasure to pick up and play. (Although most Gibson neck carves are thinner than I like too.) I’d probably get another PRS with wide/fat neck if I wanted that type of guitar, or even better a Collings or Grosh version. But LP and SG are both iconic, and beautiful instruments—I get the appeal.

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