If you could only own ONE guitar for the rest of your life...


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If I had to thin the herd to one my Reverend Six Gun is the last man standing. Does Strat tones, Tele tones, and rolling the contour knob all the way up gets you close to bucker territory. Quack positions are great too. Offset body for indy rock street cred. It's easily my most versatile.


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I'd probably grab my Hamer Vector, carefully impale the thread starter with the headstock and anyone else trying to limit my guitar collection, and then get back to the rest of my guitars.
One guitar so the title states,
I would have to nominate my 2002 Martin CEO-5 as the guitar for the rest of my life. I considered my telecaster and I love that dang guitar! And my 1999 epiphone dot I would definitely miss as well, but at the end of the day, I like to write songs and that process almost always happens on acoustic and then I split responsibility from that point to what stays acoustic and what should go to electric. But my Martin known as “Scar” he will be riding shotgun with me to the bitter brutal end of it all.


Gibson SG Special 60s Tribute. The P-90s are great, it's lightweight but balances well, and the upper-fret access is amazing.


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The Anderson Hollow Drop Top in my avatar. Three splittable humbuckers plus a piezo. I hope to one day be able to play half as well as this guitar sounds.
...what would it be, and why?
A Ron Thorn built HM Strat. As for why, I want that guitar to be special & to be something that can get those classic F&G tones.


Stock front & rear edges.
Darkened & Roasted Basswood back/1/4" Quilty Flame Maple top oiled.
Forearm contour twisted towards neck some.
Inside horns with more relief.
Heel matched to my current HM with counter sunk screws.
Routed Stock HSS then routed for a neck hum.
Overall thickness to be same as stock.
Stock layout, no mini, & countersunk knobs.
Jem style jack hole.

3 piece Wenge neck & FB with a Roasted Maple Skunk Stripe.
Headstock Truss.
FB to be shaped to my HM's thickness with a 12/16" comp radius
SS 6105s.
Last 5 frets scalloped.
Original MIJ scale.
Roasted Maple & plain Maple Leaf inlays of woods all the woods used.
Countersunk/protruding 1/16" pure silver Spaghetti Fender Logo.
Roasted Maple Strat Logo with plain Maple underline.

Gotoh 510-MGT Delta Locking tuners.
Ibanez OG Edge.
1 5way Blade switch.
1 LP 6way Freeway Switch.
1 {maybe} Concentric Volume pot.
1 tone.
EMG Dual Mode hums & a single.
Knurled Wenge knobs.
If you could only own ONE guitar for the rest of your life...it would be one that I actually play, not stare at like some action figure or pose in front of the mirror with, it would sound literally amazing and i wouldn't feel the need to harp on about how much glitter it has sprinkled on it or wax lyrical about the 'features' of it.nor feel the need to tell people about it or post images of it online to give myself the warm and fuzzies.

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