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If you had $3k to spend; or, Suhr T recommendations!


First-time poster. Short-time but avid reader.

I've got $3k (max) allocated to a guitar purchase. I'm leaning toward a Suhr Classic T, but I'm still putting this decision through the paces. Note that this will be my only opportunity to spend this much on a guitar for many, many years.

The rest of my collection consists of a lonely Carvin AE-185. I'd like to mix it up, so I'm looking at a solid body (no chambering) with single coils. However, my only hard-and-fast requirement is the guitar must still inspire my love and awe in 40 years.

Thus: (1) If you wouldn't get a Suhr T, what would you get and why? Or, (2) if you agree with the T, which config would you get? I'm thinking the vintage bridge with Suhr S/S/S: tele bridge, FL middle, tele neck.

Thanks in advance!


My best advice is that you should go out and play the guitar of your dreams before buying it. The analogy is similar to finding a wife. Although mail order brides do work out, I think most guys would prefer to take a test ride beforehand.


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Shop around. Try everything you can in that price range. Even stuff that you don't think is for you.

Don't be set in your mind on what you "must have".

For that kind of money you should get a beautiful fit for yourself.

You need to be patient, pragmatic, and don't rush into anything.

3K ain't pocket change, spend it wisely.

Sean French

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Don't need to spend 3K for a new Suhr.
Look for used ones which go for under 2K.
Then you would have another grand or so for another amp or....


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Think about getting yourself a brand new NOS Nocaster from the Fender Custom Shop. Excellent guitars. Checked the other day and they go for around $2125 at Washington Music Center. Chances are good you might be able to find one to play. These are the guitars that made Teles so popular they are copies around the world.

The vintage custom shop pickups are superb. The necks are fast and beautiful. The finishes are excellent.

I have two and am thrilled with them. You could get one used and save even more.


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I'm partial to the Suhr T types, and have three. New, they were closer to 2K than 3K. I much prefer them to Fender Teles. As a lifelong Tele player, all my Fenders are now gone, including a master-built and the one I played for 18 years.

I did not get the SSC system though, which would be great if you want to be noiseless as well. Unless you have some very specific criteria, look for used first and comb dealer stock on the internet. Many have trial periods regarding new guitar purchases, so you can find the right one for you.

I ordered mine through Indoor Storm. Great experience each time.

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