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If you had a tune you completely hated -- but it would certainly sell millions -- would you record it?


Yes, absolutely. I would then have the money to play and do what I wanted. Sorry, but let's not be naive about the benefits of not having to worry about money these days.


Clearly this thread needs more sarcasm.

I’ve already recorded several songs that I’m certain will be hits and make me millions. Money hasn’t come yet. But I’m certain it will. Someday. It will be big when it does! Not certain when. But I am certain it will be eventually. I’ll bet money on it. I’m so certain, I will pay y’all a portion when I get it. How’s that for a bet?!

I have to say I didn’t hate any of the songs I recorded, though. Maybe I’ll get tired of them once they get played at every football game and grocery store. Until then I’m ok with them.
I "liked" your post, so that you have my name for your payout list. I am excited. I have never received a "royalty", yet - even a second hand one.


Definitely and I would have no issues with playing it live night after night if people wanted to hear it.

I'm sure I could spare four or five minutes of playing something that I didn't really enjoy to make lots of people happy.

It's the least I can do considering the hypothetical millions and imaginary lifestyle that the song has afforded me.


No. Being realistic for a second, nothing sells in the millions any more. You don't have an entire nation parked in front of the TV on a Saturday night to boost your single to. People consume media freely at a time of their choosing so you don't get your 'Beatles on Ed Sullivan' moment any more.

Pick any one-hit wonder from the '70s and '80s and you will find that they typically have a back catalog beyond just that one single you know them for. Albums of ignored material that is truer to whatever the artist was trying to say.

I would rather have a long, mildly successful musical career than have a blistering five-minute music career based off one annoying song I wrote while sitting on the toilet. In thirty years time I would be dragged out on the oldies circuit to sing my one famous song at retirement communities and on cruise ships; my hair dyed an unnatural and unedifying shade of brown... nah. Sounds like hell. Luckily I'm never going to be in this position!


If you had a tune you completely hated -- say it was total schmaltz you just can't stand -- but it would certainly sell millions, would you record and release it?

if I were Mutt Lange,Babyface or David Foster NO...but I'm nobody- so yes! :)


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Premise invalid.

Just not possible over here.

As in, ”When does the vocal start?” and “You are pretty old for a pop star”.



Apparently Slash hates the intro to Sweet Child o' Mine, the song that put them on the map, because it's too simple. They had spent all day recording, he was tired, the producer didn't like anything, and so he did the intro as simple as possible just so he could go home, intending to do something 'better', show off his skills, the next day. And he has to play that song every night at every gig.

So yes, it happens.


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