If you haven't tried a cusack screamer...


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Do yourself a favor and pick one up. Today it beat yet another high end screamer clone in a shootout. For me, it is the best tube screamer sound out there.

screamer pedals it's beaten in shootouts in the past(being general here, don't get up in arms if you don't think a pedal listed to be a screamer clone).

Todays victim - Landgraff LDO
previous victims - White lovepedal eternity, Keeley ts9 mod+, fulltone fulldrive 2, maxon od808, hbe power screamer, Analogman KOT, Mad professor little green wonder.

This things tone just sits right with me I think, and considering its price tag is relatively inexpensive compared to what some of us are buying these days, it's a no brainer for me. I think it will forever be a part of my board.

Marc Roy

Hey William, how much low end does the Cusack have? I've been contemplating get a Screamer myself, and was looking at Analog Man, Keeley, etc. I'm playing mostly funk, country, R n' B, that kind of thing.... The reviews say this thing is really natral and amp-like. What's your take on that?


If it's good he really needs to get some better clips on his site. Those are either terrible or pointless (as in whatever guitar is there it's buried in the mix and bad mp3 compression).
The cusack screamer was my first ever boutique pedal and its still on my board. A ton have come and gone..check it out if you get a chance.
Yes the clips on his sight suck, they don't sound anything like the pedal in my opinion..I run it thorough a vox ac30 or a fender deville 4x10...with a tele with a lil' '59 humbucker in the bridge or a Gibson Les Paul studio..it loves both the amps and both the guitars...

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