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This is something I wanted to post a while back but never got around to it....until now.
I want to show you a little demo about a small synth unit that can easily fit in the back of a rack.
You can play synths using MIDI.
It uses standard GM sounds.
This is the website for the little thing:
Here's a pic of the gizmo:


I've installed it in my rack to test it:

In case you can't find it... it's at the top on the right :)

You can just as easy install it at the back since it doesn't take up that much space:

This is how I programmed the notes in my Gordius:

I use variables to play the notes.
First of all I turn all notes off. This is from when I'm comming from another chord.
Then I put the correct values in the variables
Next I turn on the notes using the variables.
If I push longer than 0.48 seconds, it turns the notes off.

So I programmed three chords for this demo:

Here's my preset:

I added a pitch shifter adding an octave above and below plus a Plex Shift to create the shimmer.
For other so,ngs where I use the Gizmo, I rarely have to add anything except for a delay.
You can also turn on various effects in the Gizmo but I haven't gotten around to that yet.

So here's a little clip to demonstrate how it sounds:


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Really cool. So you play it with your Gordius then? Does it got a "keyboard mode" so you don't make patch changes when doing the synth tones? :)


The way I've programmed this is the following:
By using a default preset when selecting this song, it automatically loads the preset "Shine On Crazy D".
then I have three buttons programmed to play the synth notes.
Because of the layout of the Gordius, it's also ideal to use it a s a keyboard with the notes from left ot right going from low C to high C.
I've got another bank programmed so I can play powerchords in each note using the Gordius without changing a preset.

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