Ik multimedia iRig stomp


Can you use it with other software like bias or jam up?
Or can it only work with amplitube and ik multi media software?


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It will work with Bias, Jamup, or any other audio app that uses a headphone input device. I have used one of these live with Jamup/Bias several times, and it works very well, other than the noise issue that is inherent in all headphone jack input devices.

IMHO it is the best form factor of any iPad input device; it sits on the floor and you can stomp on it, and you plug 1/4" guitar cables to the input and output. Much nicer to deal with in a live situation than most any of the 30pin/Lightning input devices I've seen or used.

If you use one live, be sure and get a spare 1/8" Stomp to iPad cable from 1K Multimedia, as these seem to be unobtainable elsewhere. A high quality 4 conductor aftermarket cable will not work at all.

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