Ilitch BPNCS RWRP wiring with Super Switch for American Standard Strat

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    Feb 27, 2015
    Hey Guys,

    I've found this site to be extremely helpful for me for a while so I decided that my first post should be about something that may be helpful to others. I tried searching the internet for pictures of an Ilitch Back Plate Noise Cancelling System wired to a Super Switch for RWRP Strats and unfortunately was unable to find anything. The closest I got was a picture of a pre-wired super switch which the extremely helpful people over at Ilitch kindly provided me with. I'll try to post it if, and when, I get their permission.

    So a little background information. This wiring is for a 2012 American Standard Strat with an SSS RWRP configuration using a super switch. I decided to go the way of the super switch as it basically gives you noise cancelling on positions 1/3/5 via the BPNCS system while retaining the original noise cancelling in positions 2/4. All of the pots are Fender original spec and the only change, other than the super switch, is the use of an orange drop cap 0.022uF capacitor , same as factory except 200V instead of 250V factory spec (not entirely sure how/if the difference in voltage will affect the tone). The pickups are factory Custom Shop Fat 50s. The entire idea was to install the BPNCS while keeping everything the same, ideally maintaining or improving the tone while getting rid of the noise. One caveat is that this wiring will change the tone controls; tone 1 will now cover only neck & neck+middle and tone 2 will only cover bridge & bridge+middle.

    The wiring is exactly as illustrated in the diagram provided by Ilitch, which can be found at

    As far as the wiring goes, the super switch is somewhat daunting at first. The inner wafer's positioning makes it such that you have to be very careful as any excess solder or wire will be very difficult to fix/remove. Moreover, the proximity of the terminals also calls for precision as it's easy to bridge two terminals with solder if you're not careful. All this being said, if you have a thin pencil tip on your soldering iron, a set of helping hands, and a good amount of time and patience, you should be able to get this done. The rest of the wiring is pretty much standard so I won't go into that.

    I have yet to install the system in the guitar so I cannot really comment regarding it's effectiveness in reducing noise or any impact to the original tone. I'll try to update this thread with information regarding that and additional pictures of the system completely installed (pickups, grounds, etc.).

    I hope this thread is of help to anybody who is looking to install the BPNCS system with the super switch. I'll try to monitor it and answer any questions you may have. I would also appreciate any feedback regarding the wiring; how the connections look, etc. (I can instantly tell that the green PCB to ground cable should go a little further into the terminal; the black ground to the back of the volume pot isn't entirely soldered as there will be other grounds hitting that same spot.)

    Finally, I want to mention that the people over at Ilitch have been extremely helpful throughout the process and are generally very fast with their replies. If you ever consider installing this, they can be a great resource.



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    Wow, more to wiring it in than I had realized. Been considering a backplate for a while. Also use a Super Switch. Thank you for the post.
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    Oct 7, 2013
    I probably would have got a non reverse wound mid pup.

    I use the Backplate, and have had it for almost 4 years.

    I love it. I use it with 2 original 66 Strat pups, and 1 original 65.

    Works as advertised, and makes for much better string definition. Changes tone 000.

    I had Joe Glaser, at Glaser Instruments install mine on a Partscaster. He did complete assembly, set up, Plek.
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