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I'll never sell my________pedal.


I don't like saying never, but to be honest I got a few on my board that have been there for 5+ years, so they would qualify. I haven't sold/bought pedals in more than 3 years now, except for a buffer (TC Bonafide, 2 years ago).

The 2 that will probably never go away are my Skreddy Echo and my Xotic BB Preamp (I've owned that very same BB preamp for almost 13 years now, with various amps, and it's the only OD that stayed). I'm pretty partial to my Mojohand FX Bayou Tremolo too, love that thing!


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I would say I've always had a Rat since I first met one in the 90's. I now use it in more nuanced ways where in the 90's it was all knobs all the way up.


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Keeley katana - because it's on all the time and is the foundation for my clean sound and hits all ODs harder downstream.

Kingsley Harlot - because it is my OD channel and sounds better than any drive channel I've ever had on an amp let alone a pedal.


Honestly it's probably my "utility" pedals that are safest.

TC Polytune 3
TC Ditto looper
EHX Hum Debugger
Singular Sound Beat Buddy Mini

They do what they do.. switching to something else that did the same thing is so hard to justify since their effect on sound is minimal.

Of these the BB Mini is the most likely to get upgraded.. probably with just a BB Mini 2, as it has 2x the # of rhythms in it. But I don't need anywhere near what's in the one I have.

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ART Levellar - it may be a starved tube and a little noisy, but for me it is the sonic equivalent of the Lebowski rug, it just ties everything together, man.

non-q version of the Dunlop Cry Baby 535 - the feel of the pedal and 6 different settings has me not lusting for any other wah or spending time to program one in the Fractal or Helix. Just plug in and rock. Like Colt 45, it just works every time.


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Is the one on the left the oldest? When I had multiple H9s, they were all different shades of white! Didn't bother me to a huge extent, but the whitest one is the one that remains.

Oh... Eventide H9! It's just too useful and verstile to get rid of.


A Whoctahell pedal I seldom use because my wife got it for me for my birthday and I'm afraid she'd notice if I sold it (perhaps I've tried, she did, and it didn't go well). Otherwise, no pedals are safe save those not worth selling (various cheap clones I've lately favored because I like paying less money for things).


90s Rat2 - bought it used, didn't know what particular model or year it was. Something is up with it because it is much darker and warmer than most even with the filter cranked. Will never find one like it.

NKT275 - there are many comparable options but you just can't get them anymore.

Dover Drive - my fave fuzz ever

90s Boss Super Overdrive SD1 - my first "pro" OD.

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