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I'll never sell my________pedal.


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About 20-22 years ago I met Mike Piera, AnalogMan, on a Porsche bulletin board. He had what he did in his sig, so I checked him out online and bought an Ibanez TS9-DX Turbo Tubescreamer with his TS-808 mod. It's still as awesome as it was 20 years ago.



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I know they say never say never but curious what pedals will always have a safe home with everyone. Feel free to add a reason if you want.

I can’t think of one I *wouldn’t* sell...if something better came along. At the right price of course.


I've sold or given away all of my essential pedals at least once...

Wampler Ecstasy/Euphoria
Skreddy Lunar Module Mini Deluxe
Modded Vox V847 wah
Strymon El Cap
Catalinbread Semaphore tremolo / Danelectro Tuna Melt

Even one of those on the list isn't essential enough for me to still have.

Currently have two Catalinbread Belle Epoch delays and two Korg Pitchblack tuners too. The BE's are important, the Pitchblack's do the job, I've used Korg tuners forever but never did get around to replacing at least one with a Sonic Research Turbo Tuner.


Crest Fuzz Face (owned it from new, my first pedal)
Roland Double Beat Fuzz/Wah
Ibanez RC-99 Rotary Chorus
EHX big box Deluxe Memory Man reissue
EXX big box Microsynth reissue
Prescription Electronics Yardbox
Prescription Electronics Throb
Prescription Electronics Vibe Unit (with factory mod to use the first Dunlop Uni-Vibe reissue rocker pedal for speed control)
Colorsound Tone Bender (silver 90s reissue)
Colorsound Power Boost (9v, 3 knob 90s reissue)
Boss DM-2 Delay
Ibanez AD-9 Delay
Boss PN2 Tremolo/Pan
Ibanez FL-9 Flanger
Maxon Phase Tone (one knob 90s reissue)
Boss BF-2 Flanger
Ibanez PQ-9 Parametric EQ
Seymour Duncan Lava Box distortion
Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal
Fender Blender (reissue)

These are all things I have and like which would be difficult or expensive to replace if I wanted to get them back. There are a number of pedals (and other things) which I was foolish enough to sell in the past and which are now effectively out of reach for me due to cost and rarity so unless it comes down to a choice between doing without necessities or selling those pedals, they are staying here.
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I'll never sell my....

I wonder how many OD pedals I've owned over the years. I bet it's over 200.

I still have a few, maybe 30. I've lost the desire to sell pedals. I love them too much.

I'll keep:
-Xotic BB
-MXR modified OD

and sooo on
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I’ve learned that literally nothing is ever safe....

From my current collection I’d like to thing that at minimum my AM Sunface Bart is safe at least


The only pedal that for sure is on that list is my big box DMM.

However, I just got my third King of Tone... didn’t get it the first time, the second time I was in a financial pinch... this third was so much longer of a wait (the first was under a year, second was just over a year - this one was like three!). The last few years, while waiting, I have been playing a couple clones and a POT. I’ve come to really love the sound and response. Now that I have a real one, I’m thinking I should never let it go. It is a truly great pedal, made by a great guy, and with the way the wait list went this go around, I’m not sure whether I would ever make it through the list bc again!

I’ve also generally not been a “collector”, but there are a few pedals that I just keep coming back to that I need to stop selling/rebuying - which for me is an older pre-mosfet Fulldrive 2, a TS9 and a Rat. I have literally rebought those pedals enough that I should probably just make them all non-sellable.

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For me it's my old Boss CE-2 chorus - and I don't even use it. But there was a time back in the '80s when it was the only pedal I had. And I used it way too much. But it WAS the '80s after all. I still remember opening the box for the first time.
This was my exact situation back in the 80s, except it was my Boss BF-2. I still have it with the original box and included catalog...and it's going nowhere.


Phoenix Custom Electronics Ranger and DAM Red Rooster treble boosters

Probably keeping the germanium fuzz pedals and my Turbo Tuner as well, but I gotta have the treble boosters.

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