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I'm An Expert!


Just took my "expert" exam for work and passed with a 92. It's a 100 question exam with some crazy and random crap on it. I was a little confused on a couple questions I got wrong though, and maybe you guys could bring me some clarity? Seeing as you're the main reason I know too much about guitars!

missed questions that made me scratch my head:

First year of Silverface amps: I put 1968 as that was the first for tube amps. I wanted to put '66 as that was when the first solid states were introduced and had silverfaces, but that wasn't an option.

First Year of Blackfaces: I thought 1963 but it wasn't an option so I put '65 as it was the closest?

Fender switch from 4 bolt neck to three: 1971 right?

Year Gibson reintroduced the singlecut: 1969? I just didn't know this one haha.

Anyways, I feel pretty darn good that I knew as much as I did! Thanks for all the info guys!


Where do you work that you took a test like this? Guitar Center? Pretty cool! I think '67 was the first year for Silverfaces, '64 the first for Blackfaces.


post the exam OP + all you need to get a job @ guitar center is 2 spill ur nom rite


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Which location, 442 or 443?

The answers displayed show just how flawed GC's knowledge of vintage amps and guitars truly is. The first year of blackfaces - there should have been an option for 1964. As with the first year for silverfaces is actually '67 not '68.

I mean well by saying this...just because you passed a GC exam, doesn't necessarily qualify you as an expert. You may be somewhat knowledgeable in your dept, but nobody that works at GC in Houston is an expert. That gave me a chuckle. I used to work at 442. They don't care if you know your **** or not, as long as you can sell guitars. However, it is good to know what your talking about when pitching a sale.


Don't forget about superior customer service - being an expert is nothing without it...

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