I'm getting my first tremelo pedal. Where do I place it in this massive chain?


I'm getting a joyo tremolo(sounds decent for the price) and would really like some opinions on placement in this chain.

The head I'm using is a Music Man Sixty-five

Chain: Boss Tuner - Optical Compressor - MXR Mico Amp - Tubescreamer - English Muff'n - Marshall Shredmaster clone - Boss Hyper fuzz - modded Boss EQ - Phase 90 with R28 mod - Small Clone Chorus - Maxon AD-01(analog delay) - Boss EQ - Mooer Reecho(delay) - Boss DD-5 - LPB-1

Note: I use the 2 eq's for 2 different profiles and sometimes combined, so I would like to keep them in that chain and order.


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Somewhere near the end, or last. Or, wherever it sounds best. Takes some experimenting actually.


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everyone says last like an old amp, but I actually like my tremolo before delay and reverb, so my tremolo is after my overdrives. End of my chain is trem, volume, delays, reverb.


I've always felt that if you're going to have tremolo on your board (as opposed to having it on an amp) that you try to simulate what an amp does. Most commonly (or all for all I know...) tremolo goes after reverb.

With that said, like Rumble said: Experiment to see what you like! A few years ago I put an Empress Trem in front of the Empress Superdelay. The Superdelay had an "autotap" setting where it would sense the incoming rhythm and set the delay accordingly. Having the Trem in front of that made for some really interesting effects.


David Grissom puts his before his volume pedal as a buffer for some reason. Before his overdrives. Says it made a huge difference in his tone.

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Wherever you want to! But, it might be helpful to think about what the effect does and how that will vary based on position in the signal chain:
  • Last or near last often makes sense as it then modulates the volume of the overall sound of everything before it - including any washy trails from delays or reverbs. This is where I run my Trem at present.
  • Before a reverb or washy delay may smear out the tremolo effect, as each peak in volume from the effect will have a decaying reverb tail or a set of repeats.
  • Before an overdrive or fuzz or whatnot that cleans up with less input may mean that instead of modulation of the overall volume, you might get modulation of the level of overdriveyness- which could be a more subtle use of the effect.
  • Before a compressor might be weird- on one hand you have an effect to cause variations in volume, and on the other an effect that compresses volume- but you may still get interesting results. It may depend a bit on how the time scales compare or differ between the trem rate and the attack time on the compressor- I don’t really know as I’ve not really used a compressor much.

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