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I’m just going to say it. I thought the cure were supposed to be some sort of badass band...


Gold Supporting Member
But anything I’ve ever heard, they’re just a run of the mill pop band.

I was disappoint.
Pray tell, which bands would you say are truly Among the Badassed(tm)?

We have to calibrate your badassery meter before we assess whether it is giving you a good reading.

It sounds like it may be a bit wonky and your disappoint is a result. Me sad for you.


It depends on how you are judging them. If you think they sound similar to lots of indie stuff now, that's because they inspired many of those very indie bands. They were groundbreaking in many ways, but that also means outside a lot of mainstream. I think lullaby is an incredible song, as are many others. They're not for everyone, including my wife.

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